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Brian and Barry – I received your emails on Friday morning and forward it on to have licenses sent to you. Unfortunately, that was the worst possible day as it was the last working day before XSI 7 was announced as we were all frantic that day. Although Christine is extremely efficient in these matters, I can totally understand and empathize if these two licenses fell off her To Do list that day.

Please give Christine a day to catch up. Things are really insane at the moment due to the XSI 7 announce and upcoming events. Christine was here up till past 1am last night helping to get ready for the launch and she worked practically all weekend.

As soon as you receive the license and are up and running, we’d appreciatei if you could post here.




:slight_smile: Just wanted to say thanks to you Softimage folks for offering this prize to us for completing the challenge - it certainly made me pull my finger out and get something submitted.

Got my license no problems - many thanks!



I didn t recive feetback from license.I got an user and password from Softimage site.But when I make the steps to activate the license,doesn t do anything.Also i dont have any errors display.Just didn t do anything.



Please email for technical issues - they can help you! There’s not much I can do here.




Hi guys

Just an update for those who were supposed to receive XSI licenses but didn’t. Christine confirmed that emails were sent – yet some people are complaining that they didn’t receive their licenses.

Please check your spam filters for emails from

Barry and Brian – Christine says that the emails were sent to you guys but for whatever reason the emails didn’t get to you. She is going to resend again.



I recieved the email, and everything is running fine. My only doubt is about this upcoming version of XSI 7 … we’ll be able to update to the new version?


Sorry, Leonard already answer my question …:blush:


I check my spam folder regularly and didn’t spot it there. The resend just showed up though. Thanks for all your patience and getting on to this for me.

BTW. I had a look at some of the XSI 7 movies and info. Absolutely awesome stuff!!!


I check my spam folder regularly and didn’t spot it there. The resend just showed up though. Thanks for all your patience Now the fun begins Thanks Leo and [font=Arial]Diana[/font]
[font=Arial] All the Best Barry[/font]


When will be the winners contacted about the prizes delivery?


Winners should be contacted within the next week, I’d imagine (if they haven’t been already).

The person heading up the Prize contacts is our wonderful Advertising Manager, Scott Stahley. (He’s also the guy who has the job of convincing sponsors that the CGChallenge winners deserve such awesome prizes in the first place :)). If any winners have any doubts or concerns, drop him a line at (Make sure to include all of your details).


Thank you. :slight_smile:


Where can we now download XSI. The download page has gone now that 7 is released, and it is not listed in the Older Versions section.

Also, being the student/teacher version, is it possible to purchase maintenance? I’ve E-mailed sails at Softimage, but not had any reply.

Thanks for any help.



Hey all,
Congrats to all the winners and contestants.
Any word on when the next challenge is?


Any word on when the next challenge is?

Soon I hope :slight_smile:


Yeah, a new one would be nice, but I can’t even begin to imagine the work load that lies behind these challenges.
I havn’t been participating in the latest, but they are so inspirational to follow. I love how open they are. They really gives a unique view behind the scenes of some great pieces.

Traditionally it seems like there are 4-5 month between the challenges, and it’s been something like 3 month since Uplift :slight_smile: - so maybe :stuck_out_tongue:




i would love to know when is the next challenge too , cause the last one was totally inspiring , if the mods would give us any sign that would be nice , other wise we will have to wait :smiley:


I’m very anxious to join the next challenge.
I’ve entered in “Eon”, “The Journey Begins”, and “Uplift Universe” and haven,t been able to finish a single one due to work deadlines and opening a new studio.
Now i’m all set and have the time to enter and complete the challenge finally.
I really wanted to finish the Uplift Univ erse one, i would have been great at that one with the idea i had for it.
I hope the next one is just as cool.
I know it will be, they all are.


Hi there…

I must renew my cgportfolio account until 2008\10\22.
I won one free cg portfolio account in the last Cg challenge (Uplift Universe) here on cgtalk. What can I do to use the prize to renew the cg portfolio account?

thanks in advance,

PS: And what about the other prizes? I just received the prizes from Ballistic at the moment… :hmm: