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Hi Mibus

No, the milestones are a perfect way. You have a work in progress status.

In my case I forget to upload an image ( the wip image ) bevore i upload the final video.
Lets say, if this would be impossible cause you didnt upload a wip image bevore you upload the final video by the system, so I had done this for sure.- Maybe I was to happy about encoding and uploading the final work just in time…

Anyway, thanks for your help Robert.


Hello I was wondering about the status of licences and such.
A friend of mine was also in the competition and completed all the milestones as did I but he has been receiving emails updates as to the status of his license and I no longer am. Not for at least 2 emails ago that he got and I didn’t. So I was wondering how to check to make sure they know I completed all the milestones?



Hey Brian,

I’ve got you covered. Don’t worry. :slight_smile:



Question: All the participants who just finish the challenge will receve I free copy of XSI learning edition? Doesn t matter if they use in the challenge or not?



What a great competition this was, and I feel priveleged to even have entered. I downloaded the free XSI temporary license for the competition on my laptop that has XP on it. Now for the permanent license, I would like it to be on my desktop which has Vista. Is that going to be a problem? Or can I download the Vista 32-bit XSI software again, and then apply the permanent license when it comes to my desktop? Can anyone help?


Yes it’s a whole new license so you’ll be able to run it on a new computer.

I wouldn’t recommend running XSI on Vista. It’ll work - but it wasn’t really “made” for Vista. You’ll get better performance running it on XP.



XSI licenses

I not received my permanent license yet, u already sent the licenses?

Thank You


Not yet. It’s Canada Day today so we’re also battling with vacations internally. Sorry for the delay but we’re working as fast as we can here.



Happy Canada Day to you folks at SoftImage.
If it’s barbecue day then hope it’s a nice one too :stuck_out_tongue:
To XSI becoming even better in future releases.



When will be the winners anounced?


OMG!! what an Amazing Contest! Please tell me you guys will do something like this again soon. I found out about too late. Non commercial XSI for anyone who finished within the contests requirements. I’m slack jawed at how cool you Softimage guys are for offering such an amazing prize.


Who received a e-mail like this:
[font=Arial][Hello everybody,[/font]

We would like to congratulate you for winning the Uplift challenge. I received the list of all winners and order all the SOFTIMAGE|XSI Student/Teacher (full Advance features) licenses for all of you. [/font]

[font=Arial] [/font]

[font=Arial]You will receive by beginning of next week individual emails with your license and the instructions.[/font]

[font=Arial] [/font]

[font=Arial]If you have any question about your price, don’t hesitate to communicate with me.][/font]
[font=Arial] why i have not received my lisence yet?:sad: [/font]


[font=Arial] [/font]


When will be the winners anounced?

We’ve just started piecing the final article together, so in the next 1-2 weeks. Winners will be contacted really soon by me (but they’ll be sworn to secrecy! :))

Please tell me you guys will do something like this again soon.

I can’t say when, but yes CGSociety will undoubtedly continue running CGChallenges.


this was my first one and enjoyed it a lot. looking forward to the next one and hoping to do better in it. :slight_smile:


You should let them some time to breeze… we will get our licenses for shure.
I think there was a lot of peope taking that geat offer. So its a lot
of work managing all these licenses.

Thank you for that offer Softimage. :slight_smile:


I received my Softimage XSI registration code. Thanks to the folks over at Softimage for providing the free academic licences to those who finished the contest. I did run into a bit of a snag, though, and I’m wondering if anyone else has had the same problem. When I went to register, I entered my username, password, and registration code as instructed and clicked “Activate”. I got back the following error message:


Any insight into what I should do? Is this a problem on my end or on Softimage’s end? I just fired off an e-mail their way as instructed, and am waiting to hear back. I’m wondering, though, if everyone in the contest is going to have the same problem, or if it’s just me :slight_smile: .


Hi guys,

If you have any licensing issues, please contact - every issue is different and you’re best to get in touch. They are very responsive and will get you up and running quickly.

If for any reason at all you didn’t receive a license yet and you’re sure that you were supposed to get one, please email me (

Thanks guys. This has been a fun challenge and we’re happy to continue running this in the future.




I received this message too


Just wondering if SoftImage has gone down or if it’s just this side of the world?
I can’t access any of their sites here from Africa.


I’m having no problem with the Softimage site here in Canada :slight_smile: .