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It is enough if we put only the trailer and the making of?


adib: Yes; but the more you do the more the judges can look at! :slight_smile:

Those with FLV problems: The ‘Only the “Image” category…’ message is because you’re going to the page for TIFF uploads. You need to use the Challenge Uploader to upload your FLVs. If you’re still having problems, do the following:
[li]Re-download the Challenge Uploader from the Submit Entries page to make sure you have the latest version[/li][li]Make sure you fill in all fields (esp. the “Category” dropdown)[/li][li]Make sure you choose an image to upload with the video (first file selector)[/li][li]Thumbnail is optional (second selector)[/li][li]Video is of course mandatory (third selector)[/li][li]Make sure you’ve submitted your finished FLV for the “Final” category in the Uploader, not the Concept or WIP ones.[/li][li]If you still have trouble, shoot me an email with all of your details, and a link to your FLV.[/li][/ul]turbinea: If your work is based on Uplift, then you should put that in your credits. You can certainly work on your film after the challenge closes.

digitaldecoy: Nothing is certain! HMs aren’t specifically qualified or disqualified from the Open Category prizes in any way.


Question: When will be display the video category results?:slight_smile:


adib: After we get them :wink:

It’s worth noting that I someone confused “second” and “third” (thumb/video) in my last post; it’s actually video then thumb. But I’m sure that all of you already noticed that :slight_smile:


Question: When will be display the video category results?

adib: After we get them

Rob, sometimes i wish you were a little less cryptic with your responses hahaha

Just wanted to Congratulate everyone for entering…A fine diverse array of imagery to be had!!

and Congratz Simon and Mike



This was posted at the end of last week, and it’s now the middle of the next. Should I be alarmed if I haven’t seen anything yet, or are we simply running behind this estimate?

Thanks, and congrats to all the image winners!


LightSovereign: It’s not at all cryptic! Perhaps a bit less solid than you wanted… :wink:


Yes congrats to winners and same thoughts here. Don’t know about being alarmed but now wondering if everyone that submitted a final image qualifies for the academic license?

Or was there further criteria and judging on who gets the licenses?
Maybe there simply isn’t any news yet?
Just got back online and equally wondering on what happened to early this week here :stuck_out_tongue:


Also wondering when we will see the license, I want to keep working with XSI and at the moment, I kind of have to be idle.

But I am guessing, since I haven’t seen anyone post that they have it yet and softimage just had us do questionnaires about the challenge and XSI that it shouldn’t be to long before we see it. Fingers crossed.


Yes, it wasn’t really being alarmed (or impatient for that matter, it takes as long as it takes), but my concerns were along the same as yours. No one else had been posting after the subject, so I thought everyone else might be happily using their license, and I had managed to disqualify myself somehow :wink: The fact that other people are curious as well now, makes me feel better.


Hi guys,

Sorry for the slight delay. We only just got the final list of challengers eligible from CGSociety so we’re now getting ready to deploy these.

Permanent licenses are going out soon.




Just Wondering If your video shows up in the link below does that mean you have passed all
the mile stones and it will be put judging and possible the Xsi Licence or is there an other link
to that.



Anyone on this page has “finished”:

As long as you submitted all of your required milestones, and either a final TIFF, or a Final Video, you should be OK.


Hi Robert,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I can see my still image in the “image only” section. I also did the video challenge, spent a lot of time on it, and thought I satisfied all the requirements in the milestones (i.e. work in progress, 30 second trailer, and final video in FLV format uploaded successfully to your site). Actually, my video landed in my portfolio. My understanding is that this is all that was required to get me to the judging stage.

My question is: was there another criterion that kept me out of the finished “video only” section posted for judging? And can my video be added to this section ?



Hi Barshow,

I’m not an authority on the matter (since I’m not an admin)…but it doesn’t appear as though you submitted a final entry.

I viewed your video thread here:

Doesn’t seem to have any final links in the “Finished Video” posts…neither one has the standard link to your challenge entry. Did you upload your finished video with the challenge uploader? Looks like something went wrong mate…I think that might disqualify you as well :eek:…maybe the judges will be understanding and consider your final entry…but I can only assume judging is almost finished (it’s been a week)…


Hi Tyson,

Thank you for your reply. I posted a finished version using the FLV challenge uploader and the date was : 05-11-2008 at 04:49 AM

I uploaded it in the “submit entry” area and specified that it was the final finished video (the last milestone) but perhaps because I sent it quite early, it got missed. I then posted afterwards the trailer in my thread. The link to this final video is quite a bit down in my thread and it just precedes the Trailer link.
Furthermore, when the server was down, I saw some of the threads coming back with less content than they originally had and thought that this will get corrected in time.

When the first part of the image challege came out, we got an email from Robert asking us to contact him if our image is not found under “image only” area. I never received a similar message concerning the video.




-my film is also not on the list. Realy curious because I get a complete after upload and got all milestones. Hope it has nothing to do because the animation is in a tradition style.

the link:

Greets and thanks,


eckart: You did not upload a submission for each milestone (you missed the WIP one).

Barshow: Can you please email me <> a copy of the CGUploader you used, and (if you can recall) the URL and date when you downloaded it? Even just a rough guess of either is enough (eg, CGS Wiki, late May). Your upload went (as you noted) to the CGPortfolio system rather than the CGChallenge system.

I’ll do some checks to make sure the video is OK and move it over to your thread, and move your entry to be considered “finished”, and try to get it in the judging pool (if possible - judging has already commenced).


Mibus, is there a other way for me now to get into the judging pool?
I worked the complete two weeks for this projekt and i think the film deserve to be enter.

-I report some steps via clips on youtube, during this two weeks,btw.



No, I’m afraid there isn’t. We try to make the milestone requirements as clear as possible, so if you can help us to better display or explain them so that other clips don’t have the same fate as yours, I’d very much appreciate it.