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hey Mibus,

Even that I planned to have all the work done on time I can understand the “server crash issue” to add extra time for video challengers. Especially to those who are awaiting wip feedback to improve their skills. Now the question is:

I am using XSI ESS provided for this challenge and there is “only 10 days left to end of this special license” so I guess that is all I can get from extended deadline ( speaking about 3D job that wants to be polished)


Since we extended deadline, will there be any changes in order to get XSI Ess Permanent EDU license? This is very important to me since I am mostly doing this challenge to get it ( I cant really see myself along winners so its my main motivation for this contest LOL )

Thanx for reply


that’s strange, i have over 30 days left on mine, closer to 50.


wo? hm, there is a License Manager in Softimage Folder. Now when you go: License Manager > Stop Server > Manage Key Database > List Keys - there should be a list of all licenses you have. My status says > 03/20/08 - 06/16/08 < what is looking like ending date of this challenge but more likely it is first second of deadline day. Now I am a bit confused

but more curious I am about that permanent license classification.



Robert - About 12 days ago you said image entry winners would be “likely to be announced in the next 2-3 weeks.” Will the Video extension affect that? Does that still look like it’s on target? And are you really going to announce Image winners separately from Video? What about the categories that apply to both, like “Best modeling” or whatever? Very curious… Cheers! :slight_smile:


hmmm, don’t know about going through lisence manager, but it sais expires in 38 days at the top of the window when i open it up, guess i haven’t looked recently?

no idea about the rest, although i am currious also.


I think will be ok to annonced winners for all entries image and video,because of the category prizes.And ofcorse is the same challenge for all!:buttrock:


true but, but but but, its been a month for us…waiting for you slow animators :P…JEEZ!!


I guess i could hold out, i think the wait for EON was even longer… that was 6 to 8 weeks from memory



Are there any technical specifications for the video I should upload (size, resolution etc.)?


kamcsat: 640x480 FLV is probably best.

walrus: Yes, they’ll be announced shortly. (We’re in the process of putting together the feature article now). Other awards will wait until after the video category has closed and been judged.

JurajMolcak etc: There should be enough time to take you up to the end, or very very close. EDU licenses should be handed out shortly after the close of the video category (I imagine the following week).


Somebody knows when the competition results will be announced?
I think that is June 16 but I’m not sure …
Thank, and good luck for everybody!


See post above yours:


Thank you! =)


Hi all,

For those of you who took up the XSI free software offer, we’re now in the process of going through the list of contestants who completed the Challenge.

We will have XSI licenses deployed to those eligible early next week.

Thank you all for participating! :slight_smile:

Best regards,



do i have to put at the end of the trailer credits to CGS and D.Brin like fgdfdid in his trailer ?
i mean this text: all rights reserved CGSOCIETY - DAVID BRIN - ****, and logos of the competetion.

and hopefuly last question: can i work on my project after this challenge? if i want to ´upgrade´ this trailer into short movie, is it possible?



Thank you!


I’m curious - should the honorary mentioned artists keep their hopes up for the awards in the open categories? excitement

I’m asking because I guess that the winners of the image category won’t be considered for an additional award in the open categories (that as well may be a wrong guess) and I wondered what’s the policy concerning the honorary mentions in this respect.


I am having trouble uploading my Video.

If I try using the challengeuploader.jar then I can only upload jpeg images. If I try using the link and log in, then I get a message in red saying “Only the “Image” category requires a TIFF image upload.” and nothing else happens… Any ideas?


edit: I have tried too, but it times out after a bit and say Error: One of the required fields is missing.
Which Field? I have entered them all.


I have some trouble to upload my flv.
I uploaded now only the Image that works ok.
If i upload both the uploader shows my on end flv 100%, but i become no ancer the shi is complete!!!

Any ideas?


I’m sorry about being so complicated, but I have a problem with the finished video…
I cannot upload it…

I choose my FLV from my computer, I start to upload it, but at the end I get an error message, that one of the fields are missing…

Is my video too big? (640x480, 4,5 MB) or is there anything I’ve forgot?



and one more thing: if I choose the final image entry, and I try to log on, the following message comes out:

[color=white]Only the “Image” category requires a TIFF image upload.

well… what should I do?