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EDIT: uploaded again, works fine :slight_smile:


my final jpg seems to be loaded and displayed quite wrongly:

How can I fix it and does it matter at all in judging process?

My thread:




Please clarify the directions for final tif… it says also 3 samples/pixel - do the images in my WIP count, or do i also send 3 WHAT… with, final image?


i can’t seem to get the image to upload. i tried using fetch for the ftp thing but when i do it itsays that its uploaded but it doesn’t say anything different when i log in on here to check. any suggestions for another ftp to use and if it got uploaded correctly will it say so when i log in on here.


I use Smart FTP, I’ve never had a problem with it.

Hope this helps


doesit matter that i’m on a mac and don’t have windows.


uploaded on the host server …

still not appearing:-<


FTP: I use FileZilla. Works great.


now its only sayin
[[23:22:31] 550 not a plain file.
when using smart

and not connceting with ispwitch…gonna try filezilla now…sigh myabe to many trying it atm…


now its on with smart…but not appearing on the web…again hope its just cos alot of ppl trying to upload:)


I just wanted to ask if the entrants are allowed to post their finished works on other websites like online art galleries?


That question’s already been aswered, Keitaro. Try rereading through this thread, specifically post #136. :slight_smile:


No it does not matter if you use a Mac. I use a Mac (using Fetch as my FTP software) and it worked fine.

The way I see it, it is important to name your file correctly so your filename is exactly like how they tell you to name it. And after it is uploaded, wait a while before clicking on the button so the server has time to decompress and process it. In my case, I waited about a minute


Hey there :
Wanted to ask about the non-commercial versions of XSI that were mentioned.

From the SoftImage page at
it’s mentioned that

If you finish the Challenge (i.e. you submit an final entry and qualify for judging), your license will be converted to a permanent non-commercial version. You can keep using XSI for as long as you like.

Just wanted to ask if there’s different criteria on whether an image qualifies for judging or if all you had to do is complete the challenge. Also how do you find out if you’re elligible for the non-commercial license and is there going to be any announcements or news on this?



hi, i had alot of problems while rendering my main scene at the resolution that was requested and ran out of time, i had to lower my samples to at least get something out to photoshop to start my final composition, i knew it was going to be a little blocky but its sadly all that my computer could handle as it chashed when saving the file after 27 hours of rendering on production quality (i know i need to upgrade…) a batch render would have been the safest bet but is i said theres no time left :frowning: .
i didn’t know i wasnt supposed to lower my samples untill i went to submit my final image

DO NOT upsample your images to achieve higher resolution. If you cannot reach the desired full-page resolution, just send in what you have.
i submited what i could :frowning: not that my image is print worthy or anything but i hope i dont get disqualified, i did what i could with what was available to me.
i wil try to render out a better image in the time thats left but i dont think ill make it.


Unfortunately can’t upload final image with FTP

Program can’t access web site. Explanation:

Unable to resolve host name

This error means that the hostname you are trying to connect to cannot be resolved to an IP address. (Hostnames are resolved to IP addresses by a DNS (Domain Name Server).If you have verified that the hostname is correct, there may be a problem with your DNS server (or with your ISP’s DNS server if you are a standalone user). It may be unable to resolve hostnames to IP addresses.

I already contact my internet service provider and they admit conflict between IP addresses. They promise resolve the issue, but I don’t know how long it take. Would it be possible submit final TIF later, if they don’t resolve all internet issues on time? I already uploaded final image in gallery.

Please tell what rules say about that?
Thanks. Natalia Agalakov


It says on the rules in the challenge, if you don’t know what FTP is, get help with this before the challenge. And so that’s what I’m trying to do… so can someone please tell me what FTP is and how it works? It seems like i’m the only one that doesn’t know, but i’ll never find out otherwise.


FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.
Basically its a robust method for transferring large files. In order to be able to upload an image via FTP its recommended that you download a FTP client. A decent one to use would be Filezilla.

Most FTP Clients are sort of like the Windows Explorer when you browse the files on your harddrive. Its really simple. You usually have your local system displayed on the left and the remote system displayed on the right. You just enter the correct hostname, username and password and connect. After that you can just transfer files via drag & drop.


hi, uploading right now ( kind of last minute ! )

where it says ’ username …’ is it giving you an example or do i copy that in ? can’t remember from last time.




Hey guys, i got a big problem . The ftp-upload seems to be broken or something.
I tried it several times and i always get this:

(edit: image deleted
I made a new tif in photoshop and everythings fine now. The old tif was broken i think.)

I tried it in different sizes . All upload-informations are correct… only the result is this mess… damn!


@yakonusuke: ich hab das tif als rgb, dann gezippt und dem Zipordner den vorgegebenen Namen gegeben (so ne lange Nummer)