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I wanted to submit my wip entry and i saw i only have six days left to finish my image i will never make it.:frowning: while video still have 34 days left. Whats up with that?, is that correct?


I’m sorry to cut in, but with all the respect, no, it is NOT nice to ask for an extension.

The instruction is clear: March 19th to May 12th, illustration entry. I assume everyone red the instruction before deciding to join. If so, once you join, you should respect the instruction. If you think the rules are not fair, well, no one is forcing you to join; if you think you don’t have enough time to finish it, there are other ways to solve the problem rather than asking for an extension.

“yah but for 3d stuff, 2 month is way too short!”

The challenge tests not only your ability of creating an art work, but also your ability of managing your time and realisticly estimating the amount of your work. I’ve noticed that some of you joined the challenge weeks, even a month after the announcing. Whatever your reason is for joining late, is totally not my business. But you should realise that you have only a month to work on it, so don’t give yourself two month of work and try to finish in a month and ask for extension when you realise that you can not finish on time.

There are many ways to get the work done on time. Cutting the amount of work is one of the solusions. Personally I always do a breakdown list at the begining, estimating how long i have to spend on each of my tasks. Then i do a regular progress check once 5 or 10 days to see if i’m on the schedule or not. If i find myself far behind the schedule, i will take some tasks out from my to-be-done list.

In my humble opinion, ask for extension is not very professional. It reflects that you don’t give enough respect to the challenge, as well as rest of the competitors;and you aren’t professional enough to deal with your own WIP.

Anyway, no biggie, i don’t mean to offend anyone here. I just think this asking for extension thing really should stop. Good luck to all entries.

p.s If this is your first challenge, imho, your goal should be “get it done on time”.


is the first time that I enter a match.
can I register the same work of image in video, but an animated version?


Well said, Jack!
If I’m not mistaken, one of the objectives of the challenges is to ‘train’ competitors to work to the industry standard.
The first and foremost advice I’ve read from a lot of professionals (artists and ADs both) is invariably:’ Never miss a deadline’.

Deadline too short for the job…one doesn’t take it (or doesn’t enter a specific contest).

All with no offense intended, of course.


i’ve never done ftp anything before so i was wondering how i’d know if my final image went through and if i sent it correctly.


Well i guess you are right JackZhang, i’m sorry about the stupid question, Ok i will be more professional, i will finished the challenge on time! Thanks for the comment i learn it.


Is it possible to invalidate my image entry? Due to some unforeseen am unable to meet deadlines, can I finish my project in the “Critique 3D works in progress”, or any other website?
My image entry

Sorry for my poor English
Good luck!!


Just stop updating your thread. If you don’t complete all the milestones then your entry won’t be considered in the final voting, and will thus be invalidated.

p.s. Well spoken, Jack! :applause:


corny47: Go back to the Submit Final Image page; it should show you a preview if the upload worked.

MarianFernan: You can, but unless you’re doing a “full” video you might want to just upload the video as an “extra” into your Image entry. (The Challenge Uploader can upload video to the Image category too, it’s just a requirement in the Video category).


FTP – FTP is a method of transferring large files across the internet. You’ll need an FTP client and some patience.

FTP login details and the filename you must use, are on the “Submit Final Entry” page.


Yup!!, way to go, jack

fully agree


Did they change the deadline of the competition?
Now it says only 5 days for submitting your image and I thought it was longer?


Hi Guys

Just wondering - I have uploaded the final jpeg and tif images, but I am still tweaking my pic here and there.

So when I have finished do I upload a final jpeg image again, or just the tif image to the ftp site?

If I upload another final jpeg should I write the story out next to it again?

And finally can/ should the final jpeg be larger than the 150Kb set for the WIP jpegs?

Thanks a lot


Just wondering the contest apparently ends on Monday 7 May?
So can we submit the final up until midnight Monday (0:00 AM Tuesday 8)

Also can you please confirm the deadline time zone? (+7 +0 ?)


just submitted a wip and it told me thanks but the time was up…lol
tried it a few more times and it was fine…
just thought id let yas know…
i sh$t myself when it happened…cuase i had the date down on y phone…
lol…but it went thru after a few tries…so all is now in the realm of sweetness


Simon, the same thing happened to me some time ago, I guess it is when the server is busy, I did a serious double take too. :slight_smile:

Spin99, according to the instruction page:

                                [b]• The Image category will run for 8 weeks.  Finishing on Monday May 12th.

Usually the time is midnight GMT.

BTW, I just noticed that the only deadline mentioned in the main Challenge page is 09 June 2008, that may be confusing to people interested in the ‘image’ category. There have been a few new entries, ok, they may work very fast, but my guess is they didn’t notice that the image category has a different deadline…



Hi Thaldir thanks.
But what time Monday 12 or is it Sunday 11 at 0 hours?


If there is any doubt in your mind as to exactly when the deadline is, check the countdown timer on the Submit Entries page.

So when I have finished do I upload a final jpeg image again, or just the tif image to the ftp site?

If it’s noticable in the JPEG, upload both again. We’ll be batch-converting TIFFs for web-use later, but it won’t take you long to run off a small JPEG for your fans following your thread :slight_smile:

If I upload another final jpeg should I write the story out next to it again?

It’s probably best.


Yeah that’s what happened to me, this was my first CG Challenge so I’m just figuring things out and that really confused me.


Thanks Mibus :
It says 4 days 10 hours which should take us to Tue 13.
Huh? :bounce: