French GT40 thread


If car modeling is your thing, you might want to check this thread over at the French C4D forum:


Damn, wish i knew french, i started a GT40 a while ago but compared to the one in that thread i’m sort of glad i never continued with it, mine blows pretty badly compared to that one. :s


The pictures tell it all. And you shouldn’t worry about asking something in English over there, they won’t kill you for it :slight_smile:


just few words ( in a aproximate english … apologies )

the ‘’ creator’’ of this image is the same one who had the honnors of the front page here and the spotlight at maxon for his allready amazing race motorbike ( can’t remember the model … will search and update this post ) : so it was the Honda RC2 11 V 2002

polykiller !!!

and as Brammelo said , feel free to post at frenchcinema4d forum , it will always have someone to translate …

cheers !


Hi cgtalk users!

I’m happy that you appreciate my work. Next wip I will post here in english and in french at frenchcinéma4d.



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