Freiza Dragon Ball, david munoz velazquez (3D)


Title: Freiza Dragon Ball
Name: david munoz velazquez
Country: España
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

This an image I wanted to do for a personal chance, I wanted to see this character like a Hellboy movie character. Is done on Zbrush for modelling background and character and rendered on 3dMax, I have use photoshop for compositing and over paint details and effects.


Nice work:thumbsup:
I adored dB in small soot:)


Nice work!
I’d love to see a DB movie like this (not like the one who will be release).

ps: After i see your work i kind of got inspired. So, if i have time to do, i will try to do a Vegetta. :buttrock:


very nice character … :thumbsup:


I agree, this is cool. My only crit is the character looks a little stiff, but then again, Freza was a real stick in the mud.

I also agree, THIS is the way a DB movie should be done, not live action.

Oh, and I like the Namik background.


Wow fantastic!!! One of the best anime to 3d work I’ve ever seen, allow me to
say that he’s looking really bad-ass! :bowdown: :thumbsup: Love the background too.

I totally agree with Berzitxo, this is the kind of movie they should have made,
not this live action movie!


Amazing job, with the character and the environment. I’m not sure if I like the purple material, wish it had a bit more spec or reflectivity.


By the way, if you did Piccolo next, EVERYONE would love you!:beer:


this is CRAZY man!!
I love this visual reinterpretation!
VERY WELL DONE! Outstanding, David! :applause:


Hi! Thanks a lot for the comments!! I’m very happy you like it, and I enjoy to share it!
There is some captures of the model.



trana:[/b] Thanks a lot!!!

berzitxo: thanks! I Igree…

daounin: I appreciate it!

LS Knight: Thanks! It is a bit stiff. Was very fun to do Namik… I was thinking to do it without the background, but I always love the looking of this place. Piccolo would be cool but I’m thinking on Cell… I’m not sure yet :slight_smile:

MistaT: Thank you very much, is a honor to me that you think that.

Zac-Donald: Thanks! Actually I did a test with a reflective parts, but it looks like a plastic or car painting and I couldn’t get it right… but was on my intention to do it.

: Thanks a lot! I appreciate it really


Niiiiice work man!!!, FREIZA is the BEST character in all Dragon Ball series for me, and you did a great job with this version, i only feel something strange on his feets but you know, it’s a matter of taste, tell us more about the whole project, congratulations!!! 5 Stars from me :thumbsup:


Dude, that is awesome! Great work, same goes for the background too. Any chance of seeing a close up of his face, I curious to see what you did with the eyes…

Again, totally awesome.


Hell Yea!

They Should Do This Kinda Work Instead Of A Lame Ass Movie!


U Know U Wanna


that reminds me my favourive anime thanks for that man :beer:

he looks amazing, the same mysterious like in the anime
but it is diffrent result, I remember oryginal character and I will always prefer oryginal Freiza
for me background is the best :bounce: :bounce:

Anyway great work man :thumbsup::thumbsup:



Very cool. too bad the movie will look nothing like this (did you see pictures of piccolo? wtf)
I just remember freeza with a thinner shape, like almost feminine


Great work!:thumbsup:


[/QUOTE]i love’s very nice.


The character looks awesome and the environment really helps it out that much more. Great Job!


Excellant work !!! Im looking forward to Cell, I bet it will look awesome !


Que barbaridad!!

Me encanta, David. Como dirían por ahí: Lo has clavado.
La pose, la anatomía y sobretodo la adaptación me parecen de lo mejor. He disfrutado viendo como te has currado el personaje. Ahora solo espero ver al resto de malos.malosos de DB.

Ferlicidades, perdón Congratulations!