Freeze Bifrost/Aero


Is there some way to freeze, let’s say, one specific frame of a Bifrost/Aero result, and just use that as a static object without any simulation involved?

For example, if I want to create clouds with aero I don’t really need them to be simulated or moving. The best thing would be to just have one cached frame being used on all frames. Or even convert the voxels to a classic Maya Fluid…?

Is this possible to freeze just one frame? Or is there some other, better way to achieve this?


Hello. I relize your post is from 2015 but I have the same exact need/question. Did you ever find out a solution or alternative to your inquiry?


you can break the connections of the time node from the bifrost nodes


Thanks so much Onouris. I did break the connections between the time node and the bifrost node as you suggested, and it my simulation is now frozen. However, when I try to translate or rotate the cloud to different positions in my scene, the scene renders the particles in the original location of the simulation. The movement looks fine in the viewport (the cloud appears to be moving to where I position it, but in the render it remains in the original position.

Any ideas on what might be going wrong?

Thank you so much!


not sure if there is a way to do that, maybe when the bifrost asset will be open (like in maya 2016) we will be able to have deeper control, for the moment it’s a bit opaque.

Probably the easiest way if you have access to the ovdb plugin from here is to convert it and do whatever you want.