freestyle mecha


Started this mecha long time ago, free styling… trying to give him an agressive look, between armored battle unit and modern design… To get an idea, i’m fan of katoki hajime/yoshiyama haruki WING GUNDAM models (and of course, sensei masamune shirow and the work done for steel battalion), but i’d like to find something wich would be my ownthing. Finded some time to improve it. Still lot of work to achieve… So crits are welcome

So here we go in images:


and here comes the improvements:


the little i see looks cool, you should post a higher res pic. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I like the look so far, yes high res would be better.


Mechs are a hard subject to make “your own” since there seems to be very little room for change. I like what you’ve done, but it doesn’t seem individual. It needs something to make it unique


hello guastaferro
could you please be more precise/specific about “individual” so i’d get the prob?

hey alex.h !!!(seen your work :eek: :bounce: beautyfull, really enjoyed passing time watching your images :thumbsup: )

yep well i’ll upload highers ones asap, here some more:


first i must say that these new images are awesome, i like the look

hmmm . . . how to say this correctly . . . like i said with mechs, it seems like it has all been done before, so it is hard to create one that can be singled out among the many as unique. I am not saying that yours is not and not saying that it isn’t executed wonderfully, but more as a challenge to you, who want to have “something which would be my ownthing” to reach for more uniqueness.
I hope this makes sense and not taken offensively :thumbsup:


absolutely no offenses, :thumbsup: , you did get my point (about a lot of wonderfull design allready created, the fact we have to find our own “looks”, and this is why i’m wondering about what in this proto would be too much a reminder of something allready done. For exemple i tryed the painting of xxxg-01we wing gundam in the last image posted (the one in the left), and it looks great, but so i feel like it’s not my work but the original wich is great lol. So i’m wondering if there is allready a design that is too close from this one, or if it’s not that much probleme…
(for exemple this detail looks like this model etc…?)


ahhh . . . now i see :smiley: I could point individual things out, and i will so you can see what i mean, but it’s not so much individual spots but rather the whole look that mechs continue to assume. Its the nearly humanoid but purely robotic, lifeless face, wings of sorts, etc. Are you getting my drift. Perhaps if for example the face had i cheesey grin, (i am reminded of Alacard from Hellsing) though i know that is not the look you are going for, but i think you might be catching on. It need at least one thing, a sock on it’s foot, (and i am being somewhat extreme) or something to single it out. That is for you to decide


These models look great, only the color scheme of the “Hero” mech reminds me of gundam. These look more like virutal-on mechs to me, but they still have a bit of uniqueness to them. I think you could work on the shoulders a bit, I feel it doesn’t fit the rest of the body as well. Maybe smoothing them out a bit to fit the smooth flow you have going. Also, maybe some variation in the actual model of the different types couldn’t hurt, maybe making the assault model a bit more gun heavy, and the speed model a bit sleeker. These are just my opinions, you can ignore them if you feel they stray too far from your initial goal.


The more i look at the images the more i like them. They really are great, and i love the details.


yop, thanks for your comments, i’ll work this out a little more… particulary this thing about smoothing a little bit, without loosing the agressive look… ANd i’ll see about the shoulders, trying more round ones :thumbsup:

Something more particular hun? well i’ll look for more, :thumbsup:

Plus working his back…

About the different versions, i didn’t think i could go through lol
certainly a battle/assault type shoud look heavyer etc… and armory should be appropriate.
i was actually testing the… la “robe”, of the paintings (texturing etc)…

and while doing it i though about differents types, so it will come later, after a first release of a “nice” finished proto.
So i’ll be back soon :slight_smile:


I like the third one, very tough looking color, looks like it’s been in alot of battles.


Excellent stuff - its really good seeing your progress - sometimes, quick n dirty blocking out is the best way to approach mechanical things.

As for the latest pics? I like the 3rd and 4th one along best.

Are you gonna make more bots? You seemed to have breezed through this one!


great progress. Nice finished product.


normally i avoid mecha threads on busy days, but i must say, im impressed with this one. it has a nice scale and intimidation value.


wow they are great, the 3rd texture i like best, cheking in later. see you. :thumbsup:


Hello every B, and thanks for your kind comments. Glad it pleased you, i really enjoyed myself working on him. Lot of fun too :slight_smile:
Thanks Andy H, nice to see tou arround
Making more bots ? haha sure, it’s soooo goood ! hmmm well asap… at first shall i finish this one…

Yop Alex.H, here we go with much bigger def…

As you’ll see this color sheme asn’t much details… i’ll upgrade him since it seems to work quite well. It’s funny because it was the first version i did before testing others possibilities and really work on tex.

then i worked with this one…

and this one is the more finished (abouti) but i’ll go backstep to gp back to the desert style

well, they still are details that could, that should be improved too…

so ?


The updates are really cool! Great work!


OH LOL!! Thats awesome. I love especially this 2nd render. Monterish :thumbsup: