Freeman, Gordon Freeman: The Way I See Him., Natiq Agayeff (3D)


Title: Freeman, Gordon Freeman: The Way I See Him.
Name: Natiq Agayeff
Country: Azerbaijan
Software: Photoshop, SOFTIMAGE|XSI

We’re often astonished by the way our famous actors and actresses look or try to look in real life. Most of them are completely different from the way they appeared in “that” movie or in “that” short film. So, I tried to imagine how Gordon Freeman would look like in “real” life. As all normal man in real world, Gordon may have it’s very own style after all. I think he deserved it :wink:

In scene: Lighting: FG, 3 point lights(area shadow) Grid with constant material on it, Textures: diffuse map, 2 mixed specular maps, bump map, 2 passes: general pass and DirtMap pass.


Started workin’ on phonems and expressions.


hey that’s some nice work,
except for the beard and the glasses he didn’t make me think of Gordon Freeman though, more of that dude from that 80’s tv series “Wiseguy”, especially the second pic where he’s talking made me suddenly think of him
[left]pull his hair back, give him the glasses and the beard, could be his evil twin…[/left]

[left]point of critique: you could maybe work on the ear a little, shape looks odd, especially the part closest to the face, could compare it with the image from wiseguy here to see what I’m talking about[/left]

[left]keep it up:thumbsup: [/left]



Thanx for your advices. I’ll try to improve my character’s ears adding some extra detail and may be adding some SSS. Thanx a lot for your crits Unforgiven!


Hair worx looks awesome.
eyes are bothering a lot.


The model proporions are correct, the ear and eye issues were already mentioned and I do uphold. I’d only add the nostrils area, that needs to be revised. The texture seems nice, and the hair are done pretty good as well.
That’s a piece of a really nice work You did… :slight_smile:


good idea i really like it in the first picture …
the morpe test is a little bit too exagerated and stand in a really strong contrast to the realistic proportion of the head


the hair is great
but the ears/skin are not so great
still… made me wanna play hl2 again =]


kewl pic ,he looks like freeman :thumbsup:
i like the skin shader, think its almost there.
as those before me told ya , the skin texture need some more work.
keep working on those and you will end up with great pic of art.


Thanx for your crits guys. You’re right - I think I have to revise ears & eyes a little. At this moment I’m workin on sub-surface scat. pass. Then I’m goin’ to make some corrections in diffuse color texture. Thanx a lot!


Yeah -), nostrils are a bit shiny because I might accidentaly erazed Dirtmap layer in PS… hmm. In second pic nostrils are ok, aren’t they? Tnanx man -)


I’m really pleased -) yeah I’ll definitely revise the skin texture. Thanx!


so cool great


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