Freelance Low Poly 3D Artists - Design Connected


What we’re looking for
Design Connected is searching for an experienced freelance artist to convert existing high-poly 3d models to optimized, low-poly versions. It’s commission-based work on a very long-term project, so we are looking for people for ongoing collaboration.

This is a remote job without any requirements for country, continent or time zone as long as you can deliver the content before the defined deadline.

What it’s like
Since 2008, Design Connected has been a leader in the digitalization of designer furniture and materials. We are famous for the high quality extremely detailed models, which are primarily used for premium photo-realistic interior visualizations.

Part of our excellent customer support is providing our models in a wide range of file formats. The list of software products includes CAD, BIM, real-time rendering, and game-oriented solutions, so we are looking for people that will join our project for optimizing and processing parts of our existing and upcoming assets.

The main goal is to achieve a great polycount reduction while preserving the shapes and volumes of the asset so it still looks great in the viewport. For example, most smaller details (stitches, bolts, plugs, stoppers, etc.) should be baked in a normal map, or, if this is not possible, must be greatly stylized or completely removed.

The overall workflow is:

  • Receive existing Design Connected high-polygonal 3d models;
  • Create optimized/low poly versions of the 3d models along with the respective texture maps;
  • Make adjustments based on the QA team’s feedback;
  • Deliver the project within the agreed time frames.

The requirements
You will receive detailed guidelines and instructions from our team, along with a test task before the start of the collaboration. Thus said, we are open to suggestions and creative solutions if that will help the overall quality and workflow.

  • As a freelance low poly 3d artist you need:
  • Previous experience in the creation of optimized, low poly 3d models;
  • Profound knowledge of 3ds Max;
  • Perfectionism and eye details.

We mostly communicate in written form, so a good level of understanding and writing in English is a must.

Are you a fit?
If you want to apply for the job, please, email us at with the subject “Low Poly Artist”. Attach CV or a LinkedIn profile and provide a relevant portfolio. We will appreciate it if you share a few words about why you think you would be a good fit for this task.


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