Freedom Of Teach Anatomy Maquette


Hello all,

I am in searching for 2nd opinion about “freedom of Teach” anatomy macquette.
It has been long years after years I want to have one, and I am about to get one.
There are 3 versions but can’t decide which one would be best for me.
I may go either version one or two (guess version three is sort of stiff on its price taq), and looking forward to listen someone who actually owns or have exprienced with.
Some says version two is better because its simpler gray surgace provide easier read on curve line etc. which I partially agree, but not sure it is worth extra 70 bucks.
So give me some your thought~

Thank you.


Get the second version if you can afford, just for the incoporated lazy suzan swivel. The whole thing is rather huge, and lifting it and rotating abit becomes tedious after a while. Besides, after seeing the real thing, version 1 color paint does detract from reading the surface a little, but still no complain. I am still happy with. Good luck !



Thanks for input.
I’ve never thought about “lifting” the figure, and it will get annoying me for sure… :slight_smile:
Since I have homemade lazy-susan, I am fine with it, but distracting color is what hold me back…
I have still time to decide until end of April. Will see what I’m going to get…


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