FREE WEB HOSTING SOLUTIONS - [updated Feburary 16th , 2004]


I see it all the time, “20k attachments suck!”, “how do they expect us to get good quality images at 20k?!?!”

Leonard put it best here simply put with the shear amount of work being produced here, it was literally killing our database, which is why the size started to go down, and inline viewing of attached images were disabled.

Haven’t you all noticed how well the forum performs now? It was because of this. So here’s what I’m going to do. I will continue to update this thread with free webhosting solutions and also some bottom of the barrel deals anyone can afford! Even those still getting “allowance” from their parents or what have you. I mean you can grab your own domain for the cost of two big mac meals, or a pack of cigarettes.

Free Solutions - 50Mb free space and remote linking 50 mb storage and remote link allowed - great solution for french users, 100/mth, no ads, and if you need more space, you just have to ask them, direct linking and totaly free! - allows 50kb image uploading for free - allows 150kb image uploading, though this one requires you to make an account Uploader Your Image Host Image Knockout

Dirt cheap hosting solutions (and I mean DIRT cheap)

There are many hosts that provide space for under $5 a month and you can get your own URL for $9.00 these days. Thats around $50 for an entire year for your own site. I’m sure you could find $50 to borrow from someone. Our borrow $10 from 5 people, or even miss a movie or two. - $5 per month

Global Internet Solutions - $7.95 /mth

DeltaBlue: Web Site Hosting And Design - as low as £2.95 / Month Hosting a website ad-free with FTP access and 150M Disk Space with a MySQL Database for $9.99/ YEAR!!! Surely ANYONE here can afford that.

If you have any comments, please pm me