Free Web Hosting For All!


Hey Guys,

A lot of people are looking for free hosting nowadays, somewhere to upload their work, personal sites, interests and more. So myself and a partner have been working hard in the recent months to setup a network, featuring free web hosting, free image hosting, and free traffic stats. We are proud to being our public launch by announcing our first free web hosting service,!

Currently offering 150mb diskspace, 1000mb transfer, subdomain, PHP, MySQL database, our own feature control panel with file manager, ftp access, and more! Check it out, it’s all free too. Also, for a limited time to help get our name out there, banners won’t be put on your site! Take it as a gift from us Please let us know if you have encounter any bugs or problems, we’d love to hear from you.

Hope you enjoy the free goods. Thanks!

We are also looking for link exchanges to go on the main page and resources page. If you would like to link exchange or if you are interested in an “across the network” advertisement opportunity, contact us at

Other sites online: - Free traffic stat tracking - Free image hosting


sound great. thanks for the offer :slight_smile:


thank you for your kindness


How is it working? Any problems, let me know!


well till now, i don’t really know … I signed up yesterday, and i’m trying to figure something out with FrontPage (which i haven’t used before, and i’ve never had a site before) heh … but hopefully i’ll have something nice and simple up by this evening.

thanks again though for the service :thumbsup:


thats great fahad, I look forward to seeing your website!


hey thanks this is great, I like the fact we can create databases. This is really hard to find in a free hosting service. As well the speeds seem great, hopefully this wont decrease as more and more ppl find out about this :slight_smile:



thanks! just registered!!


i just finished putting together my new site … hope you like it :smiley:

thanks again :slight_smile:


Thank u very much for this service but do u have to have the "Free Hosting Provided by " in every htm document? It’s really annoying. Then a real advertisement banner would be better then a link in every file. But the service is cool and i’ll probably use it anyway :slight_smile:


don’t think that the link is annoying actually, it’s better than having an animated ad with all the wrong colors that don’t match your site’s colors at least … besides, it’s free :stuck_out_tongue:

and as i understand it … that link is for a limited time, the people who’ll sign up later will get the real annoying ads


I thought he said everyone will eventually get the annoying ads, you just get this now till their business picsk up :slight_smile:



my page uses frames so u see it on 3 different locations on the screen at the same time :frowning:

well, it’s fast, free and enough space so why complain?


aha … banners, now i get it

but yeah … since it’s free … who can complain :wink:


Hey there, I’m with Renderstream and also work on the network :slight_smile:

We’re actually hoping to use content targetting ads, like Adsense for example, to make sure at least relevant ads are displayed. It may be a 728 x 90 leader board banner, but we promise we won’t put up any of those annoying, untargetted, flash banners.

Glad you all like the service, please let us know if you run into any problems or if anything looks funny. Thanks


Thread looks old but never forgotten. I just signed up for the free account and super simple and no problems. Depending on how everything will go I might upgrade to your larger server. Just need a site for images and info, don’t need anything large…yet Can’t load any new images now cause I am at work and we don’t have Dreamweaver…yet, buying it today actually. I hope refreshing the thread to the top will help you get more people to sign up.

Good Luck and Thanks


Hi RenderStream! I used your SiteHostings.Com way back when you mentioned it. I do not know what has happened since you left SiteHostings and leave it in the nice hands of your friend Ben W.B.

Now, with the move to the new server, the service is well…not the same since it left yours and Ben’s hands. I tried to contact the admin of the new SiteHostings, but no responses. :frowning:

Anyway, I am glad you have made another good free hosting.




Sorry for the late update regarding We purchased the site from the original owners and moved all the site to our servers.

Sitehostings is still alive and free.

Server specs are:

Dual P4 3.0Ghz Processor
Sites backed up every night
Same specs as before

All we ask is if you please be so kind and advertise our main site by using our banners on sitehostings.

Other than this change, its back to business.




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