Free Vue 5 & 6 Video Tutes.


Hi All,

Heres a couple of links to my free vue video tutes. I now have a second link to a site that is hosting my QUICKTIME videos, much better quality than the Esnips flash videos. No registration required etc…Hope they help.

New Link:

Esnips site:

Thanks to Cerdric Morrison from Advanced Perceptions!



very nice…been waiting for this…much easier to view the tutes…and a nice clean site.
Just a small note about missing letters in your site…the basic terrain tute, in the words creating greyscale terrains…they are missing the R:s…it says “ceating geyscale”…just thought you
might wanna know…:eek:
Otherwise great stuff…and thanks for sharing these…




No R’s…I’ll let him know…Thanks.


LOL yeah sorry, this whole area is underdevelopment… ill get it fixed… we also want you to be able to download the videos.

Stay tuned.


Just a quick note on the matchmove tutorials - you shouldn’t use the ‘greenscreen’ thing you’re showing. When you’re going from CG into any compositing program you want to use alpha channels or masks, not mess around with chroma keying. You also run the risk of antialiasing the edge of the CG object against the green background and having to remove the AA ‘spill’ later, when it should be done against a black background or even the original background.

You could just create a rectangle a similar color to whatever the sphere’s sitting on (to get some GI spill on the sphere) and comp the video using the shadow pass set to multiply, on top of that the sphere footage using the sphere object mask as an alpha channel.

The track came out good, though… I’ve been pretty impressed with Matchmover since I got it.


Thanks David,

I’m still a bit new to compositing, havn’t done very much…That makes sense, however the shadow sequence comes out pretty crap, and I couldn’t seem to get an image with alpha info, even though it was checked before rendering, The only way I could get alpha was with a photoshop psd export…Would you be able to make a tute?



Thanks, Ivan and Cedric. Much easier to view and follow.


I’ve never done a tutorial before, but I think it would be fun. I took Christmas week off at work, so maybe I’ll try throwing something together then (I’ve wanted to start making some, but just never sat down to do it).

Only problem - I just had to have my front tooth extracted (long story involving a bike accident 7 years ago) so I have quite a lisp right now!


Hi all,

Kevin…Your welcome.

David…That would be awsome if you could do that…Dont worry about the lisp, if it gets bad, we’ll throw in some subtitles…LOL.

Thanks again



The new tute site is very nice guys.

Just one thing, when I try to view the Vue6 Displacement tute, it plays the Vue6 clouds tute.


That’s really great, thanks for those tutorials mate! :slight_smile:


Ivan on the one site the tutorials can not be downloaded to HD to view later if need be.
Is there a reason for this. With esnips I was able to download and save so can view anytime I need to. :slight_smile:
Just curious why.


Silverblade-T-E…Your welcome.

iloco…How ya going?..Which video?..Is it on the new site (wouldnt happen to be the displacement video)…



Yes displacement is one and the others I clcik on start my quicktime to load. I dont get any options to save.
With esnips I can download the tuts without any problems. :slight_smile:


Hi Iloco,

This was addressed but doesnt seem to be fixed…I’ll remind the host to get that fixed, The other thing I asked him to fix was the ability to save these files without having to have quicktime “PRO”…I’ll let him know.


Thanks Ivan. I am in no hurry as I have most of what I need for Vue6 downloaded.
These tutorials have been great help to me with Vue 6.
Big Thanks once again for your time and work to make these available for us. :slight_smile:


Hey, I’ve being looking for these. Thank you.


Your welcome people!,

I have passed on the info and all should be fixed very soon…also the ability to save without having QT pro, will be looked at.


Tutes are really helpful, and are easy to follow and well paced .



Thanks for the great tutorials! I watched all the IvanB tutorials. Very usefull stuff!

I’m very interested in this displacement tutorial so I hope the file mixup will be fixed!



Edit: I found out the esnips version (SWF) is the right movie on displacement. I assume this is the same movie?