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Hi all,
We are in the process of releasing free video tutorials for absolute beginners in XSI. Come check them out at
They are in flash swf format, so you need to have flash installed on your system.

Animation 101 is a Keyframe Animation video tutorial in XSI.
[color=darkorange]PolyModeling is a modeling tutorial on how to model a sword in XSI.[/color]


I’m just downloading your free tut, that’s very kind of you, surely will help the mass of new XSI Found. users.:thumbsup:


Thanks for the newbie tutorial. I am considering the XSI choice now that it has become afforable. I have been using C4D for a while, but thought that XSI may be another option now. I look forward to becoming more familiar with this app. Thanks!!!



Hey guys,
Glad you are enjoying the videos. We will posting a new free video once a week.
If you have any requests, post them here, or send them directly to me at

Charbel Koueik


Thanks for the video, it looks like there is going to be a lot of demand for these tutorials.

Just waiting on the XSI-Architectural video now, nudge, nudge :smiley:


Hi Yog,
It’s coming along soon. Stay tuned.

Charbel Koueik


Thanks so much for this! As a brand new Foundation user who is also quite new to the whole 3d thing in general, I greatly appreciate it… I look forward to going through this tonight when I’m home, and look forward to your future tutorials!



Hi Eddie,

Just let me know what you think of it after you have seen it. I will be releasing another free video in a coupla days, about poly modeling in XSI.

Charbel Koueik


Hi Charbel,

I really enjoyed your tutorial, but there is one feature that would make it much, much easier, and that is the ability to go back in time a small amount. I’m not sure if I missed the way to do that, but the only controls I saw in the lower left where play, pause, and stop, and right-clicking didn’t give me that option either. This would be very helpful because a few times I either didn’t quite get what you said, or something distracted me (like a cat jumping up on my desk, or meowing for attention) and by the time my attention was back on the tutorial, I had no easy way to see the last few seconds I’d missed, other than start over and sit through it again.

If you could either provide a timeline control, or a couple buttons to ‘jump ahead 10 seconds’ and ‘jump back 10 seconds’, that would make this even better…

Thanks for putting this together and making it available!



I had the same problem and saw in another thread in that using Quicktime to view the files and you will be able to rewind. I have not tried it, but hopefully it works!


Hi Eddie,

Point taken, the next set will have a timeline option where you can go back and forth in time.

BTW, our commercial CDs already have that option built in.


Added a new Poly Modeling video.


Added Animation 101 Keyframe Animation video. Enjoy!


Thanks for the tutorials! Really awesome!:smiley:


Glad you find them useful.


Seaquake, I’ve purchased the XSI animation videos and I would recommend them to anyone that wants to get up to speed quickly, well done.

The one issue that I’ve run into is that XSI Foundation does not have some of the functionality that is used for parts of the tutorial. For example setting the bouncing ball on a path, the character menu is greyed out in Foundation. Is there a work around for these types of issues? I’d really like to complete the tutorial.


Hi ndog,
Thanks for the nice words.
To complete the first tutorial, you would substitue the Motion Deform command with a Path constraint that you would save as a clip in the Mixer. You would then remove the Path constraint from the Explorer, or simply mute it. Now you can Blend the original motion of the Ball with the new clip that was the Path constraint.


How do I play swf files? I installed flash macromedia player via the web, and now I can see streaming flash, but the explorer still doesn’t understand the .swf extension. Have I installed the wrong application?

Thanks in advance


Thanks Seaquake, that worked although blending the animations doesn’t seem to work as nicely as the motion deform. I guess that’s part of what an extra $1500 will buy.


Hi Chedri,
You should be able to view the swf files just by double clicking on them.
In case that didn’t work, you can download a trail version of FLASH that will have a standalone Flash Player with it. That will most definately work with you.