I am trying to compile a list of whatever FREE VIDEO hosting solutions are out there for the benetif of the participants in our challenges.

Ill start with

Google video:



This service is pretty good : (they let you choose your license, and they’ll even give you a free blog :D)


Not sure about Google. Seems that 4 days is not enough to verify a video for upload. Don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or not.

The one I found quickly and easily is Rapid Share.

No need for an account or anything and uploading is immediate although viewing a video requires a little bit of “clicking”.


there’s also another one
never tried it but no need to register…


you can send an email to yourself and then get a URL where your file will be hosted for 7 days…then share the URL…there is a limited numbe of downloads though but i dont know how many that is…


i don’t know if you are strictly looking for commercial options, but i have a non-commercial server on which you can host video files. currently i have no automated way for the files to be uploaded, but i also do not have space and bandwidth limits (and no “x amount of days” limit currently setup). so if that sounds like something you can use, email me. joshone \at\ massrender \dot\ com


Here’s a good one for those relying on their own hosting provider for video:

You can use a Coral cache of the files, as long as they’re under 60mb, and you’ll only have a bandwidth draw once per 48 hours.

It’s free, and it’s cool:

It’s designed to minimize the “slashdot effect” on web servers, and allow people with home DSL or cable-based web hosting to meet demand, although it stabilizes bandwidth spikes for any type of hosting account. Basically, you just add to the end of your URL string and it works transparently.


instead of

Gonna be using this myself for the foreseeable future as I seriously underestimated the bandwidth demand for the challenges (for the record, I passed my 40gb/month quota in a single day)!

Hope this helps someone,



up to 25mb on mov, avi and mp4


well here r two good hosting solutions…:slight_smile: i just have found .


just register there and both r free.and u can upload minimum 50MB of file.:slight_smile:


I just found a very impressive list of free upload sites!


file hosting sites

     0-10 megabyte:

     *new* [](

     10-100 megabyte:


     100 - unlimited megabyte:




     [b] image hosting[/b]

*new* [](

     Technorati Tags: [file+upload](, [image+upload](, [upload+sites](, [share](, [file+host](, [free](  [Bookmark on](

Source (as I didn’t type it myself :wink: ):

Some other ones:

[/b][size=2]Have fun! I’m sure I will! (as there are even some with 500 MB of free host and without download limit!). On the next FXWars I think I’ll have 50 mirrors… :wink:


(apologies… I should’ve posted that other thread here)

As you know, part of this challenge requires video footage and other digital assets.

Considering the demand footage makes on personal webservers, I am offering to host all the shared assets for this challenge on my webspace, and I will gladly host any final videos as well. You won’t have to worry about killing your bandwidth or all the other users wrangling with clumsy online file servers. Plus, this server is blazing fast.

Hosting Assets - Ideally, everything will be in once place where folks can check for updates instead of crawling through the forum. But if I just end up hosting for folks who don’t have other hosting options, that is fine too. Anyway I can help… The only size limit is what you think others will be willing to download.

All you have to do to host your video with me is get me your video!
[li]You can put it on your webspace and send me a link[/li][li]You can use one of the many online file servers and send me the link.[/li][li]If it is a non-video asset you can simply email me cmoschella@(SPAMGUARD)[/li][li]My AIM handle is fumblepigskin, you can send it to me that way as well[/li][li]I will notify you when the asset is online and will provide you a link, will usually be within hours of sending it to me from about 9AM to 8PM Eastern US time.[/li][/ul]Assets will be hosted, at least, until the deadline for submissions.
Entries will be hosted for a month after the winners are posted.

Entries will be posted in the table here
Your username will be provided next to the link so that you may be properly credited for your work.

Any questions? You can PM me or respond in this thread.

Thanks for reading. Good luck to everyone participating!


This one gives you 25 GB’s, and there no file size limit, and its free.


  • Unlimited File Size
  • Fullspeed


Hey Gang,

I’d recommend using for hosting videos, it’s youtube style flash videos, but the resolution and quality is better of youtube, so it’s specially good for 3d stuff.

100mb file size limit and a maximum of 5 minutes.
I never had any trouble with this site, plus it lets you keep all your movies and images in one place.


Divx’s is surprisingly fast depending on connection and has the best quality for any streaming video service I’ve seen.

High Quality
Frequently fast Streams
Embeddable video player
Already Huge selection of videos and user
Full screen capable
ability to download original file

Requires install of the web player
Still in development
Some issues with getting videos to upload properly requires an avi/divx/xvid video at any resolution, length, size. (frequently used for uploading full length movies). However the service still feels under development, and does require a Divx web plug in, which is worth the minute install. A recent issue is its processing time.

Each upload goes through 3 stages.
[li]upload (can be fast),[/li][li]processing (this is where it can hang for several hours or days! sometimes fixed by deleting it and trying again. this has recently become a wide spread issue)[/li][li]publishing (naming, tagging, and making your video public)[/li][/ol]
I love stage6 for its quality and nice streaming quality. this is proof that you don’t need low quality to stream video.

I use to use Ourmedia, but after frequent upload issues and slow download times I stopped…

I am Excited for their new service. which isn’t live yet but sounds extremely promising.


It has a video streaming ability but it is more of a file hosting site. Still it is very good site for hosting animations imo.


[li]100% Free[/li][li]unlimited amount of files per account[/li][li]1gig per file as max[/li][li]no registration required to download[/li][li]no download ques[/li][li]Free Blog[/li][li]Free RSS feed of your uploads[/li][/ul]
[li]All files posted are instantly public, no private folders[/li][li]Hot links are allowed but not directly to the download link. Users will see at least 1 page from filefront.[/li][li]All uploaded content must be your and yours alone. You need to have made the original content. (this isn’t really a con)[/li][li]you need a valid email addy to post[/li][li]every 6 months or so you will be emailed ands asked to click a single lnk to keep your file active or it will be removed.[/li][/ul]
This service allows you to host downloadable animations of any rez, and size, any length. By using winrar or some such archive to split your files into 1gig chunks you could conceivably store a movie length 1080p resultion movie of your own creation.


Surprised that it isn’t allready on here:
Good quality.
Upload limit of 500MB per week.
HD support (1280x720) and provides the means to download the video (not sure if it is the original or the converted)

You need to sign up to get an account but that is a matter of minutes.


Yes I agree mediafire is the way to go no account needed and it keeps your files you uploaded whether you have an account or not.


For FX Wars 7Towers guys!

If You have few Gigabytes of video 8k 50fps etc… and You are surelly limited with youtube or any other online solution I can give You some space on my ftp via http. more info on priv!