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Hi all!

Something really stupid in photoshop is that when you decrease the size of an object using free transform you lose pixel datas. Is taht possible to ask photoshop to keep in memory initial element resolution so as I can go back to initial size later without data lost?

Thank you all for help.


I usually do one of two things if I want to scale my stuff:

  1. keep the source data on a layer that I turn off
  2. vectorize my shapes if they’re suitable for it so that I can scale all I want.

Unfortunately, pixels being what they are, once you’ve scaled down and the filtering process (if any) has been applied… no. I think PS would have an enORmous amount of memory usage of it were to have a history of the kind you suggest - though maybe having a ‘snapshot’ function so you could double back to that particular version could work

(but then It’d be just as easy for you to just keep a version that’s not scaled down)



Okay, thank you for suggestion. It would not be that heavy to have kind of reference images (as in 3d scene calling external 3d object or external textures). It could be implemented in photoshop like particular layers (and by right-clicking on you could ask to rasterize and delete external file connections). For image composers, it would be really easier to find the right layout without taking care of pixel resources.


CS2 : smart object


Halo is right. Smart objects on the new Photoshop CS 2 will solve this. Check for more details. Basically it lets you scale down objects but it keeps the original data, so if you scale them up again they will “regain” their resolution.
I’m not sure how this will impact performance though.


Great :thumbsup:


just remember that you can’t scale them up beyond their original size without the usual caveats :wink:


I noticed that, and it annoys the heck out of me when I have deadlines. lol


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