Free tool to generate normal maps - nMaker2


Hello people, I would present to you a tool that I am developing to create normal maps, the nMaker 2. The base of the tool is already ready, and I am correcting some details that beta testers gave me.
This tool will be free and I will soon be releasing a beta version for download.
I’ll leave here some images of the results obtained so far.

Results of the first tests:

more adjustments…

smoothing of detail

increase in volume

3D preview

Final test


Tests with various tools (remember, my tool is free, I don’t need to do a test tendentious)

Texture used in the comparative tests:


Looks very nice.
I have a ShaderMap v1 and PixPlant.
Your tool looks promising too.


Hello folks, I forgot to comment on who is my target audience with this tool! My main focus is people that need to do repetitive work, and do not know much or anything about image editing. So the idea of the tool is to be “one click”. To this end the tool will have some presets options, ie. this tool is basically a preset for creating normal maps (it still doesn’t have an interface, now it runs as a script).
For this to be viable and functional I am spending many hours testing to refine the presets and to get good results for all scenarios.
When I compare my tool with others that already exist (please do not understand this comparison as a negative point), I analyzed item quality and ease of use.
The nvidia generator and the xnormal (plugin for photoshop) are for normal map as desaturation is for bump map.
Now, crazy bump, nDo2 (I have much respect for these tools, I think they’re fantastic) and shader map, allow you to make finer adjustments in the image, but users with little knowledge (which is my target audience) may not get the best result these tools can provide.
But to my surprise the nMaker provided superior results to these tools without requiring the user to edit the map after it’s generated.

I would also like to say that I’m not a programmer, I am an artist. An artist creating a tool for other artists. Maybe that was my advantage!
So, I did not use one single line of programming (not directly) to generate the base for my tool. I used techniques that are present in my work and I adapted them to my needs.
This tool runs in photoshop (CS5 <), and has been made from the recording of actions that then were turned into a script.


This is version 1 of the nMaker, but I used another process (not very accurate) to generate the maps.

Here are the comparative (I had forgot to do)

Download nMaker1


New feature of the nMaker2 dot some thing (kkkk). Generation of displacement map.


Looks really nice Thiago!

When will you release it for download?

Cheers! :beer:



Hello Flávio :slight_smile:
The tool is already working and is running by script (I’m also doing tests with interface), but it is optimized for 1000 px, above this size the map quality is falling. I need to adjust the script to generate the effects proportional to the size of the image, this will be a little slow.
So I do not know exactly when I’ll get the first working version available for download (hopefully soon)

Here are the original textures:


Any progress ? :wip: :slight_smile:


Unfortunately not, we’re 20 days to finish the post-production of an animated film here in the studio, we’re almost crazy!
Between October or November I hope to launch the beta version.


looking forward to giving it a try!



Excellent comparison, thanks! Tool looks great.
Looking forward to try it.



There’s something in the water in Brasil.

The growth in the quality of animation and the tools coming out of there… How are they doing it?


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