Free Tiled Texture Helper Utility


:: UPDATE :: Much improved beta v1.0 released 8.15.04 :: UPDATE ::

[left]New Workflow Options:[/left]

[left]> Launch your favorite graphic editor from 3T…[/left]
[left]> Make your edits and save…[/left]
[left]> Then close the editor or alt+tab back over to 3T to see how the changes look![/left]
[left] [/left]

[left]New Features:[/left]
[left]> Plane rotation and mouse interaction[/left]
[left]> Use the ‘jump to’ and ‘browse to’ options to change directories and quickly browse files.[/left]
[left] [/left]

3T currently supports .png files only!


Looks good, definatly a nice thing to have around. Can’t wait to see more.


Great little proggy, I’d like to see other formats supported, specifically, .Jpg, .Tga, and .DDS. And also a ‘browse to folder’ would be very useful!


tubbrit - “browse to” is pretty high on the list right now, as are extra image formats. This was cobbled together over the course of about 4 hours yesterday after my buddy Micah was bitching about not being able to see how his textures fit together. Thats why the feature set is a tad on the limited side! I think I may be able to kludge “browse to” into place tonight (I’m beginning to realize thats kind of a crucial part of the usefulness of this app), but the extra image formats and .wad support are probably going to be a little while.

Theres nothing mentioned on the site or here about the licensing, but I can guarantee that this program can be used commercially or privately without any liability whatsoever. It uses only freely distributable, closed-source-ok libraries. I will draft the proper licensing mumbo jumbo tonight - i think LGPL is the right one to use? I’m not entirely sure yet. glad you guys like, and i hope that it comes in handy!


Looks useful! Definitely easier than loading up a resource-heavy editor and dropping it onto a test level.

I’d love to see DDS and BMP supported, personally.


:lightbulb Brilliant thanks man, this will be great… other format support would be great too :thumbsup:


glad it helps! I’m going to clean some stuff up on it tonight, and hopefully get the file browser added, but it will probably be a few weeks until i get support for other formats added (got lots of stuff on my plate right now). if there are any particular formats in addition to .jpg, .tga, .dds, and .bmp that are popular in cg land definitely let me know so i can put them on the list.

EDIT - i lied, filebrowser is going to have to wait til this weekend. going to move this app over to wxwindows instead of glut, so i can have a file menu and directory dialog and all that.


I love guys that spend the time to make even the most simple progs like this :slight_smile:

Ive just been using offset to see how well my tiles will line up, then checking in game or in a map util/3ds max to see how they tile up, but this is alot easier!!!



glad to be of service :smiley: i am about to make some changes to the program, but nothing major - sometime this weekend (probably saturday night) there will be a new version that sports a file menu and all that good stuff. the rest of the features will follow, but development might be a tad sporadic!



I donno why every one is whining about file formates it’s really easy to save a quick test png then go back to work . . . though an update feature would be cool so if you make changes to the image and save it, your program would reload the image instead of needing to change the image the go back to it.

Like I said though very nice tool to have around, Thanks man.


There is a new ver up now that will refresh properly if you hit the ‘r’ key; enjoy! When i move the app over to wxWidgets this weekend i will add an option to have it auto-refresh whenever you alt-tab back over to it.


It is really a great thing. :slight_smile:

Keep un the good work. Would be fun if you could control the viewport with the mouse.

P.S. It would be great if this little app was also available as a photoshop plugin !


I tried it out too, at last.

First off, once again thanks for your kind support and of course the free tool. This kind of little helps really makes the our life easier.

Now to some feedback. When I first fired it up, it was slow as hell, but once the window was made smaller, it was OK. Then the shortcuts aren’t working for us right away, since we’re using German keyboard layout. Maybe some kind of an self-editable ini-file would be nice. A fellow artist also wished to tilt the plane.

That’s all for now, keep up the good work!


Wanzai - make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card from the manufacturer (not microsoft). If that doesn’t fix it, then I am totally confused! The app uses so little system resources that I have to assume that it is trying to use software to render (not good). Make sure you have the latest OpenGL dll’s on hand as well. If you still have problems let me know, but that is all I can think of right now. This app should be able to run totally fullscreen without hosing anybody’s computer except maybe Aunt Edna’s 486 DX from 1988 :stuck_out_tongue:

> It is very easy to add an .ini file, expect to see it in this weekend’s release. I am not sure if the windowing toolkit that I am converting to supports unicode or not, so it is possible that there could still be some international issues there, I’m not sure.
> However, most of the app’s functionality will be available through the mouse and window menus after this weekend, so even if I don’t get the .ini file added you should still be able to interact with the program without any trouble.
> Plane rotation is super easy, definitely expect that this weekend.

Thanks all for the feedback and encouragement, I am glad that this has turned out to be a helpful experiment! New version is still slated for Saturday night, and will address almost all the outstanding issues except for file formats. Thanks for your patience and help!


Dang dude, this is gonna be a really sweat app when you finish (like anyone can ever actually finish an app, there is always more to add.) You should start charging 5 bucks for it and support yourself by catering to our whims and needs for apps like these.

Good work I’m really glad you like making these kinds of things and even more appreciative that you share them.:applause: :thumbsup:

You rock Adam:buttrock:


lol thanks dhin!

i don’t really feel comfortable charging for it - once we have the official site all set up i think we will probably set up PayPal donations or somethign along those lines, so that if 3T or one of our other projects does end up helping out somebody or some company in a big way, and they want to give back, they have that option. The more donations we get, the more time we’ll be able to spend on apps like this.

None of our apps will EVER include annoying pop-ups saying “you already spent a jillion hours using 3T, would you like to register it/upgrade it?” We will not offer special “gold” editions or “pro” editions that you have to pay for. Our apps will not have keys or locks or restrictions or any of that crap. They will be easy to use, and we will support their use in every way that we can. Basically, it comes down to this: those that are financially able and willing to support us are welcome to, but this is something that we enjoy doing, and something that makes OUR lives easier too! Sharing it just seems like the right thing to do.

new features are on the way this saturday, and micah and i are already thinking about the next project…


:applause: Thanks buddy, keep ‘em comin’ :applause:


I’d like to add another vote to making a Photoshop plugin version (although I suspect that would be far from easy). That would be very much more useful to me.

Great little program though, thanks.


thx to both of you for the kind words - unfortunately, from what i’ve read/heard, PS plugins are a complete nightmare to write. do not expect to see that kind of functionality any time soon.

the version i am releasing on saturday will automatically refresh the current texture and the file list every time you alt+tab over to it, and will include “browse to…” capability, so that should help 3T fit into your workflow a little better. I’d recommend using Photoshop’s macro/action capability to export your current work to the /textures/ folder and .png format very easily! Then just alt+tab and hit ‘r’ to refresh (but you won’t even have to worry about that come saturday).

thx again for the encouragement and suggestions. remember, sexy new version comes out saturday!


I like your style, dude! =)

Another suggestion/question (I guess this one is not commonly needed): we sometimes need textures that not only tile seamlessly, but also do so when rotated (but never have had an easy method for that). Do you think optionally rotated texture-tiles would be something worth implementing?