Free STL Importer with Source Code


C4D can’t open certain .stl files.
After some testing, I think the problem is coming from empty spaces being written into the files by certain applications. The built-in .stl importer seems to not like that.
So I’ve written my own C4D plugin using some code I found on the internet that will import these types of .stl files (binary files only).
It’s not perfect. But it’s good enough in a pinch when dealing with these files that won’t load using the built-in STL importer.
And you can always make any code changes you wish. There’s no usage restrictions on it.



Thank you scott–this could come in handy.


This could be very helpful indeed!

Now, if we can just get native STEP importing… :smiley:


^ Buy me an STEP SDK license and I’ll give it whirl. :smiley:
I really hate it when people do that charging for SDK licenses crap.



I would _____ for a STEP import with dedicated resolution settings … would make my daily work so much faster and easier.


Hi Scott,

Is there a mac version, also ?
Seems the STL-Importer is only for windows.

Best regards,


Nope. Sorry.
I don’t use Apple products.



Thanks for the info.


FYI, the plugin ID seems to be the same as the CV C4D to Unreal plugin.


Really? How strange.
That ID is a testing ID for plugin devs. And isn’t supposed to be used in any plugins released to the general public.
I rarely register an official ID with my plugins because they’re mostly tutorial files for other devs. And I hate wasting official numbers on them.
But in this case it slipped my mind and I forgot all about it.

I just updated the Git files with an official generated ID#. So that should fix it.
Thanks for bringing it to my attention.