Free SkyLight for everybody available now!


Hi all,
I am happy to announce the first release version of SkyLight. It is available now (including english and czech manuals), and it is free of charge. SkyLight is based on MoGraph module and XPresso node editor in CINEMA 4D and it allows you to easily create complex light setups for your outdoor scenes (but it can be used for other scenes as well).

Here is where you can download it:

System requirements: SkyLight requires CINEMA 4D R9.6 Windows or Mac OS X (PPC/ Intel) or higher and MoGraph module. It is not possible to use SkyLight withou MoGraph. If you do not have MoGraph and you still want to try SkyLight, please download the latest demo version of CINEMA 4D from

EN manual preview:

SPECIAL THANKS to Rich-Art (betatesting and english manual) and Stan the Man (SkyLight website).

René “Rich-Art” Rijk

Pavel “pzdm” Zoch

Enjoy our tool!

pzdm, Stan_the_Man, Rich-Art


Thank you very much, I will post some tests soon :slight_smile:


Great, I am looking forward for all your tests. We want to improve our SkyLight gallery!


I’ve been following the progress of this in the other thread, looks very cool :slight_smile: and very generous pzdm! thanks alot :thumbsup:


Will try soon. Thank you very much :thumbsup:

BTW How much is the Czech currency today? I like to make a donation but have no clue how much I am spending in your local valuta.

Thanks again!



Thanks Pavel (and friends)

Very generous of you.


Thanks Pavel and others,

This is such a nice thing to do!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :bowdown:

Looks awesome, I can’t wait to give it a workout over the weekend!

All the best,



Hello ODO, thank you for your support, we will try to change CZE to other, USD or EUR, thank you for your rem.

CZE/EUR 28,135/1
CZE/USD 21,590/1

Thank you again


Well done and Tnx for sharing! :=)


Hi all
We changed paypall donate settings to USD. Thank you again (Odo) P


Hi MrBraun, thank you, I am very happy you like our tool.


Fantastic! Extremely generous of you. I’m glad you set up the PayPal link - you deserve a little $$$ for all your effort!


thanks for sharing Pavel.


Not Sure if I am using it right (have not read the manual), but here is the first test.


Added the Release News into my forum ! :wink:

Here the link:

Tnx again! :slight_smile:


Thanks! I made a donation for all great free stuff you offered in the past time. :slight_smile:



Maybe you can set higher value of horizon settings and you can use Side cutting (opposite of your camera), too. Don´t forget on AO settings and compositing tags. If you want, I can share my Dora scene…



If you want, I can share my Dora scene…

A great thing! :wink:

Tnx Pavel! :wink:


Thanks Pavel,
if you could share a scene it would be nice to deconstruct it


OK, wait for a while…