FREE Shade 7 designer LE 3D software - INSTRUCTIONS


When I joined CGsociety, I was under the missaprehension it seems, that your reason for being was to bring together the CGI community.

Now, I get an offer of ‘free’ stuff which is first of all an ‘LE’ or ‘Light Edition’ I.E., crippleware designed to waste my time looking at it so that I might purchase the FULL version later and second of all not associated to my professional useage day-to-day.

Id rather pay 10 times the fee and not have blatant sales directed at my busy enough life.

CGSOC has been a source of amazing symbiosis which this latest extension to crass profit has not looked well against. Sorry guys , I just dodnt see CGSOC as in this mode. A freebie from time to time associated with the news letter is one thing but, this is just plain and simple a bastardisation of a great potentialy important profesional soc.

Nothing against the software just didnt like being spammed by my prof soc.

regards Paul Buckland
including my email because I am that upset about it.


Someone seems upset

So misunderstood what society means? Or the bringing together of a community that has been here for years? I'm confused by this.

Are you serious? This has to be a joke rant. Come on, no one is making you purchase anything. Secondly, if you would have taken the time to read the initial post then you would have noticed that it was targeted towards those “new” to 3D.

I guess you arent new because this software isnt associated with your professional useage day-to-day. So why are you really complaining?

What? :rolleyes: I'm confused to why you would have wanted to be a member in the first place honestly.

Personally, I took offense to your post. Why? because I joined CGS to be surrounded by professionals and the serious student/hobbyist. This was totally unprofessional and rude. When someone makes broad sweeping statements without regard, you slander everyone associated. CGSociety is all of us, not just the ones who facilitate it.

If this really bothered you that much you should have emailed Lenoard or somebody.

This is totally uneccessary especially for an offer that is almost a year old.


Cool offer -thanks! Also thanks to JuanManuel for posting the user experience on Shade, very helpful.


Hi Kid-Mesh,

Firstly let me apologise, it was not my intention to upset anyone but simply to make a point.

Secondly, I didnt subscribe to the thread in the first place.

See, when I recieve something from CG Soc, I take the trouble to read everything. It could be a new person needing help or an old colleague wanting assistance or, simply a news letter with sometimes great offers. I recently purchased MudBox from just such an Ad in the newsletter.

But when I received the original email, which prompted the response that you took offence to, it was an unsolicited offer via an email, not something “I” had asked to be included in.

I hope this clears it up.

For the record, CGSoc has been a very very useful companion to my professional life and I hope it will continue to attract both Hobbyist/amateurs as well as professional CGIers.

Once again my sincere apologies.


Not too fluent with 3d packages so I am always on the lookout for something that people sing about that isn’t going to cost me a fortune, so when seeing this offer I reckoned I would give it a go - unfortunately the voucher link at the start of the thread is throwing up a 404 error which is a bit of a bummer really!

Any ideas anyone?


I think that offer was for last year and has already expired


Ha ha
thats what comes of reading a thread in the last moments of a very long day - completely failed to read the closing date in full… cheers Juan


it’s great to hear that!


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