Free Shade 3D for Unity for Windows Ships


Publisher Mirye Software and e frontier announce the immediate availability of the free 3D content modeler and animator tool for Windows.

  [Shade 3D for Unity](  is based on the professional 3D modeling, animation and rendering tool  set Shade, a product available for over 27 years and used worldwide by  3d professionals. Shade 3D for Unity enables designers and game  developers to build animated project content that integrates with [Unity 3D](, the game development system for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and other devices.

Shade 3D for Unity for Windows is now released and immediately available as separate 32 and 64 bit applications. The product is free and available through Mirye Software.

It's  really great that Shade 3D is reinventing  itself as a tool with great  relevance for the game industry. And that  Shade 3D also has a free app  for the Unity community is just wonderful.  We hope that many people will  learn game development and game art  design using Unity and Shade 3D  together! - David Helgason, CEO of  Unity 3D

Easily share project assets and, using the free loader script - Shade 3D Loader, seamlessly share them between Shade 3D for Unity and Unity itself.

Games created and developed with Unity and Shade 3D for Unity can be distributed through the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Google Play for Android Devices, and distribution systems like Steam.

Free Character Model for Learning Character Development

Also available is a completely free sample character Bonko, which includes versions optimized for use as a game model in Unity 3D projects, as well as other versions optimized for general FBX compatible software, iClone and other products. Developers can freely incorporate Bonko into their games and design work. Bonko is a professionally designed character that shows how to rig and optimize a 3d model for game development. More information about Bonko and free download available through Mirye Software.

Content Creation Features

Shade 3D for Unity includes an advanced tool set for creation of original 3D content.

[li]Import/Export integration with Unity 3D[/li][li]Advanced 3D Modeling Environment[/li][li]Polygon Mesh Editor[/li][li]UV Editor and Image Management[/li][li]Design friendly Bezier Spline Modeler[/li][li]Powerful Object Instancing Features[/li][li]3D Object Hierarchy Browser[/li][li]Material Setting Features[/li][li]Material Parameter with Texture Map Settings[/li][li]Animation Setting Feature[/li][li]Draft Ray Tracing Preview Renderer[/li][/ul]Integration Features

Integration between Unity 3D and Shade 3D for Unity enables developers to create original 3D content as well as import, modify, animate and customize over 150 different types of template based content available through the Unity Asset Store, including original backgrounds, props and characters.

[li]FBX-friendly Bone Structure[/li][li]Paintable Bone Weight Mapping Tool[/li][li]FBX compatible Inverse Kinematics Feature[/li][li]Scene Loader for Unity (imports .shd files; available through Unity Asset Store)[/li][li]Simple Spring Motion Simulator(Baked Simulation result exportable to Unity)[/li][li]Key Frame Animation(Baked Key Frame for Unity is output in addition to Key Frame for Shade)[/li][/ul]

[b]Upgrading to Shade Professional[/b]

Shade Professional is the flagship tool of the Shade product line, and provides additional, advanced content creation tools and percise rendering features for creation of game trailers, and complete animated films. All content developed with Shade 3D for Unity is completely compatible with Shade Professional.

Shade 13 Professional Edition includes advanced  features of Shade 3D For Unity, including advanced modeling, rendering  and animation tools, unlimited grid rendering, photo modeling, hair  salon, particle physics and more.


Get Shade 3D for Unity for Windows for free through the Mirye Software store. Shade 3D for Unity for Mac OS X is available through the Mac App Store.


This looks just great! I had long considered giving Shade a try and I suppose I have no reason not to now…

I suppose the upgrade path to Shade Pro is paying full price?


You might also want to get a download for Bonko, the game optimized character. It provides a really good example of how to set up a model for games. Also, Bonko has a very liberal license, so you can modify her and use her in your own games.

Shade has three levels: Basic ($99), Standard ($349) and Professional ($749). There is an extremely detailed comparision from the Shade overview page on Mirye Software, which shows what features were added when.

There isn’t much of a penalty to move upwards from a lower version to a higher version, so if you aren’t sure yet if you need Pro, its relatively easy to start at a lower version. Shade 3D for Unity is a lower level (it has some Pro modeling features in it though, and its file compatible with all the other versions of Shade) at $0, so its up from there.

You might also want to request a demo license of Pro, which will give you several weeks (they die at the end of each month) to figure out if that’s the version for you.


Looks good but it seems to only have a 1 year license.
The basic version is minus Poloygon modelling tools etc.
So it looks as though for any useful long term usage one has to buy
Standard package or up.


Basic does have polygon modeling tools, just not all of the various selection tools you find in Standard and Professional. The best way to figure out the version you’d like is to request a trial license. They will issue them for each version, Basic, Standard or Pro.

The initial release of Shade 3D for Windows expires the end of 2013. I asked the original developer about this, and the idea is that since they have annual product releases, they want free users to be using the latest version of Shade 3D. So I suspect we should see the next updated version of it near the end of 2013.


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