Free Seamless Fabric Textures Packs (made from Real Cloth Materials)


Hi guys!

I’d like to share my free seamless fabric textures. These hi-res fabric textures tile perfectly and look realistic since they were made from images of real cloth materials.
You can use the seamless cloth textures for any 3D clothing or cloth in any 2D or 3D program.
The texture’s colors can easily be changed to create many more variations.
Some of the textures also include realistic fabric weave normal maps (such as the denim textures and cotton textures).

Some of my free tiling fabric textures include realistic cotton textures, denim jeans textures, real sweatshirt knit textures, burlap fabric texture, colorful batik textures, floral textures, tiger and leopard skin textures, felt, carpet textures, thick cotton and light sweater textures, curtain fabric texture, and a black lace texture.

Download all my free seamless material textures here:

Enjoy! :slight_smile: