Free Rig: ANIMA


This is a really simple rig that I built for doing exercises in 3ds max 6. IK arms and legs, no facial, no fancy reverse foot lock or whatever, and no MAXScript. About the only feature it has is a functional spline IK spine setup. Anyway, it suits my needs perfectly, so maybe someone learning to animate in max 6 could get some use out of it.

Feel free to improve/modify/mutilate it and post the results. (Save Target As…)

PS: I know, the name sucks.

EDIT: the latest much more sophisticated version


real cool maxers are doing this…:slight_smile:

i made a rig a month ago and posted it for ppl to download it.
its a mesh thats been used by Maya’ns to practice animations…
for a while i was hunting to find a rig i could animate, and finally gave up and built one with Michael comets char rigger .
gotta go check the rig out…
thanks for doing this man.
Here’s the URL for that in case anyone wanna check it out


Cool! Nice rig man!

If I didn’t have to go to work now then I’d spend the day playing with it. I like the spine, and the feet controls.

I have the day off tomorrow, and a new toy. Its Play-time!!

Cheers FromanylanD!


Hey Uday, I’m Dylan Forman from the CGCHAR boards. I have yet to really test out your rig, but I will soon.

Glad you like it Magician, here’s a…

Small Update:…ANIMA%201.1.max



-brow control
-a few other minor things

I think this is all you need for learning humanoid character animation in max. I’m not gonna post another update unless somebody suggests something, I think of something to add, or I find a problem with the rig. Anyway, have fun :slight_smile:


cool face dude.

I love this rig, hehe.

My ones are always really basic, but get me what I need done… mine always have weak-as feet. I never could figure out how to rig them properly. To be honest, I never really tried that hard either, hehe.

Hey, how did you get those points to affect the eye brows? Which modifier lets you pick a control point?


That’s a secret :twisted:!!!

Only kidding, mesh select and linked X-form modifier (three pairs)

Anyway, spread the word on the rig :thumbsup:


Thats a good rig. Thanks for posting it.


Awsome rig you have here champ… simple yet ideal.
I’ve been looking for a good rig like this for ages.
Thnx for sharing it with us. :wink:



-more precise facial controls (they also don’t look as much like stitches )
-fixed a simple problem with the spine setup



[color=white]-much more intuitive mouth controls
-useful layer setup
-neck grab control
-modified head and chest meshes
-slightly improved “look at” system
-easy to use experimental finger controls
-other minor improvements

Hope it helps someone :slight_smile:



This rig is excellent! Do you think that you could post one with five fingers? Or even better, create a video tutorial of making the rig itself?



-IK/FK blending on the arms. Unusual setup, but very easy to use. Arms can be fully controlled (IK, FK and blending) using only 4 objects.

I may post an update with IK/FK legs, depending on a number of factors including the response the arm setup gets.

I don’t think I’ll be able to create a video tutorial, but I’ll post a version with five fingers (including the thumb I assume, on one hand) if I can.


Thank you. :thumbsup:



-IK/FK blending on the legs and feet, similar to the setup used on the arms. Slightly more complex, but still very easy to use.
-extensive intructions in the scene explain how to use the rig effectively. Simply delete all of the objects named “delete” when you understand how the rig functions.
-some small organizational improvements

If someone can provide a mirror (host this file on their web space), that would be helpful. Just reply or e-mail me.


Here you go! :slight_smile:




Much thanks :slight_smile:

One thing though, I downloaded the mirrored file and it doesn’t seem to be the newest one. Since I updated last (4.1), I overwrote the file (which had some problems) with another fixed one (still 4.1). So, could you please upload the newer one (and overwrite the old one)? If you can’t, I’d rather you take that file offline, because it has a major problem and I don’t want people downloading it. But again, thanks :slight_smile:

This is the newest file:


ok its the latest :slight_smile:



-fixed some small problems with the IK/FK leg setup
-made many other small changes, generally to improve ease of use

I think the rig is now reasonably complete, and I’m not going to be posting updates for a while, so enjoy :slight_smile:

pluMmet: thanks :thumbsup:



If your experiencing some trouble with the custom attribute holder, just be patient…I’m going to post another version that doesn’t use custom attributes (might also improve stability).