Free Render Farm Monitoring Software!


Hello Guys…[b]

 Ixor                     Station Monitor Utility (Win32/Linux/Java)
                      [/b]We created this simple program in order to be able to                      view the status of the machines in our render cluster via                      VNC and Nsclient (nagios) protocols, like in the screen shot                      below.

[li]You can add and remove monitored machines using the ‘Configure’ button.[/li][li] Clicking on the IP addresses of each machine brings up a VNC remote desktop window.[/li][li] Clicking on any of the meters brings up a history graph for the past hour for the given meter.[/li][li] If you hover the mouse over anything you will get extra information.[/li][li] If disk I/O takes a long time, a counter appears next to the machine’s ‘led’ and shows how long this has been going on. We found this helpful in checking for memory overflows where there is swap thrashing.[/li][li] ‘High’ implies ‘over 85%’ for any column.[/li][/ul]DOWNLOAD:

…hope you like it and we are free for any improvements.

 Thank you,


wow… awesome! can i monitor render farm over internet and not only on LAN?


Very sweet… Now all I need to do is get myself a render farm… :sad:


… has to be better to use than Backburner!


…go here to download:


donno… my experience with backburner is not that bad… what kind of probs you have with it?


mosly machines sitting there not getting jobs when there were jobs to be had… BackBurner may not be all that bad, it just feels like chewing nails compared to Final Render’s integrated DR setup from within Max’s render interface. I haven’t used BB since : )



I have installed VNC and NSclient on monitored computer but can only access via VNC, i can’t monitor CPU … etc.

I’ve tested that the service is running.

It’s a LAN without restrictions. Firewall is deactivated.

I use XP SP2

It doesn’t even work using monitoring software on monitored computer.

Any help ?



Nsclient uses port 1248 as default, you might want to check whether that port is accessible on that machine from over the network, or whether it might be blocked for some reason (something else besides the firewall, maybe a weird antivirus?). Best way is to try telnetting to it (“telnet YOUR.IP.ADDRESS.HERE 1248”) and see if the connection is accepted.

Since you have said that the service is already running, the only thing we can suggest is to make sure that you have entered the proper IP addess in the client. If you are on the same LAN or are using some kind of directory service, you might want to try the machine’s network (WINS) name instead of its IP (this would help in case it is taking ages to connect instead of not connecting at all).

If you feel adventurous (and have java installed), go ahead and run the .jar version from the command line (“java -jar station-monitor.jar”) and post any exceptions you get (of which you should get a few anyway, nothing to worry about - but please only run it with the 1 entry so that things don’t get cluttered)

If none of this works, it’s probably the nsclient service getting confused… the program doesn’t do much apart from just bridging to the interfaces of vnc and nsclient.

Best of luck, let us know if it works out.


Yes you can…:slight_smile:


pretty cool! :slight_smile: this might be very useful to me… i’ll give it a go as soon as i have some free time… thanks for sharing this!

@tecton3d: thanks for that feedback… i was setting up smallish (20 comps) farm and everything worked fine… beside the fact that several computers reported ‘unknown error while loading’ (all on same domain, same LAN, same machines!! (dell workstations), same version of max etc etc… weird!!)… that FR sounds cool! :slight_smile:


Port 1248 is reachable. I’ve tried WINS names, IPs it and doesn’t work, only VNC control.

This is what .jar version produces:

java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “ERROR:Wrong password”
at sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.readJavaFormatString(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.Double.parseDouble(Unknown Source)
at Source)

I’ve changed password with regedit and i’m using the same pass on monitoring software.

I’m missing something, i’m sure.


yeah, FR is pretty sweet IMO… I was considering Vray and Brazil when I ended up getting FR for a price that I couldn’t pass up!

I’m thinking about trying out Vray soon and maybe even Maxwell since I’m building a little farm to offset its insanely long render times!



Nope, you were doing everything correctly.

Many thanks for pointing out the problem and providing the info!

The problem - as it turns out - was a silly oversight on my part in the program’s code. it has been fixed now, and we have updated the downloads on the site. It basically did not send your nsclient password to the nsclient service correctly. (reminder to self: TEST the damn thing first… grrrr :))

Again, thanks for taking the time to report this. Try the update, and should you encounter any more problems please give us a shout.

To save yourself some time, once you install version 1.03 go ahead and copy your nodes.txt file from the old 1.02 install directory to the new one. This way you won’t need to enter all the node info again.


…bug fixed.

You can download the latest 1.03 Version.

Thank you,


You are fast man :slight_smile:


Still not working:

org.nsclient4j.NSClient4JException: The specified object is not found on the sys
tem. on \Memory\Available Bytes(C0000BB8)
at org.nsclient4j.NSClient4j.submittRequest(
at org.nsclient4j.NSClient4j.getPerfMonCounter(
at Source)
Caused by: The specified object is not found on the system. on \Memory\Available
at org.nsclient4j.NSClient4j.testResult(
at org.nsclient4j.NSClient4j.submittRequest(
… 3 more

Have to reinstall the service ? I suppose the bug was in station-monitor.

I use a spanish Windows XP, maybe this information helps.


Yep, try to reinstall the service… :slight_smile:


There should be no need to reinstall the service, since nothing was changed on that end…

The error you are getting seems to suggest that your monitored system is not providing the counter “\Memory\Available Bytes” which is used to produce the stats for available memory in the program. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be a problem on the Station Monitor program either… The only thing that may be causing it (and this is just speculation) is that the counter name has been called its Spanish equivalent by your copy of Windows XP…

We can try investgating this as follows: check your Windows XP System Monitor (Start->Run->type “perfmon”) and try to find this counter (you can browse available counters using the “+” sign). I am thinking that perhaps the counter might not be there for some reason or another, or called a different name. In such a case, what if you switch the system language to English?

Apart from that, I’m not sure what else might be going on there… :frowning:


Same result of my last post.

The service was still installed. I thought you could have made some changes to it, so that’s why i asked if i had to reinstall.

Apparently it accepts the password but fails at some point after that. I’ve intentionally mispelled the password in monitoring software just to test if it reaches the service, and obviously it gives the error from some posts before.

Note that my Windows is in Spanish, i don’t know if that’s the key of the problem, just my intuition.

Thanks for your efforts :slight_smile:


Sorry, for some reason i hadn’t read your last post.

The fact is that i don’t have time to make those test.

I can’t switch to english. Only XP english version can switch to other languages after installig multilanguage packs.

Thanks for your efforts. I’m sure your nice proggy is quite useful :slight_smile: