Free Render Farm for Cinema 4D (Beta Launching Program)


@badie: We are not support GPU for now, just planned to support GPU rendering in future

@buscando: Can you try to clear previous C4D’s superrenders plugin (under Cinema 4D’s app data folder) and install the new SuperRenders software? As we fixed some issues regarding our software


Hello CGI folks,
We would like to announce: Beta Launch program from will finish at 10 March 2018.
After that, SuperRenders will be come fast and cheap commercial render farm service.

Thank you for joining ourBeta Launch program.
Visit us at

SuperRenders Team


Any news regarding macOS?


@ClausD: Not yet. The MacOS is still in-development progress. We will inform once it ready. Thanks for asking!

SuperRenders Team


Hello CGI folks,
We are super excited to announce that we have been upgraded to new version to be super easy, super fast and super cheap online cloud rendering service. With a large number of powerful machines, we will help you render your scenes in high quality super fast, in the super easy way and it will be super cheap.

You have already spent a lot of time on your CGI scenes; you deserve to be rest and let us finishing your project

Visit and get free trial credits.

Happy rendering!
Super Renders Farm Team


Nice to see Corona supported! Well done.


Thanks. We support Corona for C4D Beta 1 version.


Hey, are you guys still offering free beta launch program?
I have 1000 animation frames , 15 minutes each on Core i7-8750H (2.2 GHz , 6 cores), how much render price in your farm?


Hey tonyshawn, did you try this farm? Got it work?


Yes, this farm is worked for me.

Just the problems: list support plugins from their website are not correct, some were removed without notify and they don’t have live chat support - email only. But fair pricing, and flexible to add plugins during render if you request


Thanks Tony so much for using our render farm service!

Super Renders Team


Do you support Redshit ?


Hey @amywort735 Redshit and other GPU render engines still not ready in our render farm. We are working hard to support it.

Thank you for your patience!


@superrenders Do you have deadline on this?


Our team is working hard to support GPU render. However, at the moment, GPU is still in-development progress.

Thank you!