Free Render Farm for Cinema 4D (Beta Launching Program)


Hey Cinema 4D users!

We like to introduce our new renderfarm service, called Super Renders Farm We support Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, Maya, and more will coming soon. Our Render Software included new cinema 4d render farm plugin. This plugin will render directly to your harddrive and to every location you like.
Our farm is under Beta Launching Program, which offer FREE rendering services for Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, Maya. (After finished BETA Launching, Super Renders will become Comercial Render Farm Service)

We are currently looking for beta testers who can renders for almost nothing. Your opinion is important to us!

You can create an account on the website and get free rendering services to start working directly.
The farm is available 24/7 and we are giving support as long as we are awake

Super Renders Website:


Great offer
But the plugin doesn’t even appear on my machine, and no reply from the support.
There is always a place for a good render service
Good luck


Thanks for your reply. Can you send to us your question via or simply re-open the suport tickets from our website?

Thank you,


no vrayforc4d support. perhaps most used render engine.
If you want any success with arch viz and product viz artists then
it is a must have for your service.
Otherwise - no interest in beta


@ahven Thanks for your advise.
Actually, we are a new online Beta render farm, who desired joining render farm market. At the moment, we are trying to support as much plugins as possible, as they listed out via our website:

Can you recommend more must have plugins we should support for the render farm? It’s will best if you can drop us an email to or request a ticket via our website. We will get back to you as soon as we can

Thanks in advances!
Super Renders


Maxwell and Corona support would be nice.


another must have to make it interesting for c4d users would be the support of x-particles…

also redshift support would be nice, but it doesn’t sound like you’re going the gpu route here.

another thing i’ve noticed on you page that the english is very bad. it’s hard to gain trust if there’s mistakes all over the place. on your supported software page for instance the headline says “list of softwares we supported” or “window” instead of “windows” … apparently english doesn’t seem to be your native language, but then you should ask someone to correct all the mistakes before going online. i bet many people already lost interest because of that.


We updated more Cinema 4D plugins on Super Renders farm, feel free to review for detail.
Thanks for reading.


I had finished 02 project using c4d vray animation with your render farm. Thanks for that!
BUT, currently I had another project using Arnold (Vr Camera), look-like your farm was not support.


@taducphuong83: You can review supported plugins from our website: . Or create a support tickets via if you need other plugins.


How long you guys offer free Beta Launch ? And will you guy support rendering over the New Year?


we are still offering free render farm service for a couple of months as planned. Our render farm avaiablilty 24/7, included all holidays. So feel free to submit your render jobs to


X-Particlesis a must for many people.


Thanks guys for the recommend.
X-Particles now ready on


Hello superrenders,
Are you guy planned support prepass Irradiance Cache render or allow me to upload Irradiance Cache for the render job? I am using V-ray.



Hey superrenders,

have you ever heard of the small but fine company called Apple? :slight_smile:
They build computers and operating systems. One of them is macOS. How about supporting macOS? That might increase your clientele.


@ClausD: Funny guy! The Mac version for SuperRenders software is in-development progress. We will public it as soon as we can.


Dear Cinema 4D users,
We would like to inform the new release version SuperRenders software version 1.1 now ready in our render farm. Users can install or upgrade by download software from our

In this update, we improved upload/submit project features, and better support V-ray plugins, and others etc…

We are continue offer free render farm services for Beta users.

Happy rendering!
SuperRenders Farm Team


Did anyone used this service?
Got it to work?
I’ll be happy to hear some user opinion- i cant make it work on my machine. (even after the support help…)



Did you plan something for GPU rendering like Redshift ?