Free Render Farm for 3ds Max (during Beta Launching Program)


Hi 3ds Max users!
We woluld like to introduce our new renderfarm service, called Super Renders Farm We support 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and more will coming soon.
Our Render farm also have Render client software, which included Autodesk 3DS Max plugin. This plugin allow submit your render scene from 3ds Max application, as well as upload / download results in to your harddrive and to every location you like.

Our farm is under Beta Launching Program, which offer FREE rendering services for 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D (After finished BETA Launching, Super Renders will become Comercial Render Farm Service)

We are currently looking for beta testers who can renders for almost nothing. Your opinion is important to us!

You can create an account on the website and get free rendering services to start working directly. The farm is available 24/7 and we are giving support as long as we are awake

Super Renders Website:



Your title is misleading as it won’t be free forever. Better inform in your post first that you will become commercial as mentionned on your website: “After finished BETA Launching, Super Renders will become Comercial Render Farm Service”.

My two cents.


@Rodman: Updated the post for more clearly. Thanks for the comment!


Bit confused if you support GPU or not - on your main page you state Redshift as an option but it’s not on the list of supported renderers ?


@hotknife: Sorry for late response. We not support GPU rendering for now (at least during this Beta version).
P/s: We are not usually avaiable in this forum, so that, if you have any more questions / recommendation: can you please drop us an email via or create a ticket via our website?


We would like to informed that: Super Renders farm has just updated more plugins for our farm, feel free to review at


Is your farm support V-Ray Cinema 4D?


@taducphuong83: Yes, we supported V-Ray for C4D. You can refer for detail.


We’ve just updated SuperRenders software (bug fixing). And V-Ray for 3ds Max & Maya supported on our render farm as well.


Dear 3ds Max users,
We would like to inform the new release version SuperRenders software version 1.1 now ready in our render farm. Users can install or upgrade by download software from our website:

In this update, we improved upload/submit project features, and better support 3ds Max plugins, GI caches etc…

We are continue offer free render farm services for Beta users.

Happy rendering!
SuperRenders Farm Team


Hello CGI folks,
We would like to announce: Beta Launch program from will finish at 10 March 2018.
After that, SuperRenders will be come fast and cheap commercial render farm service.

Thank you for joining ourBeta Launch program.
Visit us at

SuperRenders Team


Hello CGI folks,
We are super excited to announce that we have been upgraded to new version to be super easy, super fast and super
cheap online cloud rendering service. With a large number of powerful
machines, we will help you render your scenes in high quality super
fast, in the super easy way and it will be super cheap.

You have already spent a lot of time on your CGI scenes; you deserve to be rest and let us finishing your project

Visit and get free trial credits.

Happy rendering!
Super Renders Farm Team


Did anyone used this service? Got it to work?
I wanna hear some user opinion !!
Many thanks.


any news about Redshift support?


Sound like this guy dont have GPU rendering. I was tried the V-Ray RT, but it has been failed.
CPU render is fine, quite impress with the speed and cost, my 500 heavy V-Ray frames take just few hours and $52. Waiting you guy update GPU soon.


Dear 3ds Max users,

We would like to announce that: our technical team is working hard to get GPU render ready on Super Renders Farm. We are expecting GPU render farm service will ready on Sept 2018!

Thank you for your support!

Super Renders Team


Do you have GPU render?


Sorry for our late response. GPU render is still in-development progress, so it is not ready yet.