Free procedural building generator: Building Generator v.01


Simply brilliant! every time i think Tyson’s dropped off the face of the planet he emerges with a piece of greatness under his arm.

Now if only i could locate that auto-UV button…:slight_smile:


Super Nice of you!

Thanks :beer:


That’s really cool. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Thanks Johnny, I think all of those things are do-able for the next version :slight_smile:


I haven’t had a chance to look deeply at this, but so far it looks like some great work. A couple of thoughts:

  • better naming of objects as mentioned above would help a lot - by floor and side and type.
  • I think the logic of the sub-materials could be better, like make all the glass mats the same mat id everywhere. See attached for an example of where the green (mat id 3) is on some things that aren’t glass.
  • lastly, notice the highlighted pillar peeking through the floor above…

But so far looks great.


Hey foco,

Thanks for the note about that pillar bug.

As for sub-materials…so far the script doesn’t touch them. What you’re seeing is the default matID setup for AEC window objects. The next version of my script will correctly match up mat IDs.


Great work Tyson! Thanks for sharing such great tool! One can only imagine the amount of ruling/branching/conditions you’ve had to implement to avoid having pillars smashing through windows. Out of curiosity: how long did it take to develop/write this script?


Not too long. I started working on it last Wednesday and continued to develop it over the weekend.


Tyson, you never cease to amaze…thank you.


Brilliant! Thx!


You just wrote the script over the weekend…holy moley, I’d have trouble modelling just one of those buildings in a weekend without this script. I think your speed is as impressive as your plugin!


Awesome just awesome…
Nothing to add buddy…!


Nice one. Thanks for sharing


amazing giveaway! thanks for the time and generosity with this one…


Fantastic stuff.

I’m in the middle of a render, so I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet - are the roof details like the water towers customisable?

If not, I think having custom geo would be a good wishlist item.

It’s one of things that I wish Autodesk had done, maybe expanded on the AEC objects so they could be a bit more custom (e.g. rails could have custom posts, windows could be user created shapes)




Hey Steve,

The watertowers and procedurally generated, so you could technically customize things like width/height/#of ladder rungs, etc…but I’m not sure if it would be worth it since they’re so small :slight_smile:



it wasn’t that so much - more if you could add your own specific custom geometry, like satellite dishes, piping etc., or custom windows that aren’t covered by the AEC type, say wrecked or boarded up windows?

Awesome script.





I think u did your good deeds for a lifetime…

I hope it’ll will also make much profit for you despite it’s free!



This is incredible, Tyson. Thank you very much.


Amazing :slight_smile:

I’ve always dream of such a tool :slight_smile:

Some sugestions maybe already wrotten :
Auto multisub-object material by object type.

In the construction there is a lot of coplanar surfaces :frowning:
Note sure it is a good idea if you want to GI / AA artifacts :wink: