Free procedural building generator: Building Generator v.01


BG Plus v0.1472 is out! Click here to go get it

                   Hey everyone, 
    I'm releasing Building Generator! This is a tool for 3d Studio Max which generates procedural building objects based on a list of user-controlled settings. 


OMG this is just amazing!
Thank you so much for this one!



This is insane!! Thank you so much for the script, i will test it to the limit :wink: It’s unbelievable that you simply share such a powerful script! Thanks again =)


Whoa…this is just dripping with awesomeness! Very nice & thanks for sharing it! :beer:


genial !that is amazing.


Wow, looks awesome!!

Thank you for the sharing.


Wow! Thats awsome!

I’m getting this error though no matter what i do. I exectue the script and press the Generate button then it builds the house up to the roof. Then this error pops up.

Any Idea? Its a very awsome script though!




-undo bug fixed.

See post #1 for latest version :slight_smile:


Looks very cool! Thanks so much for sharing with the community.




-“intersect” bug fixed.

See post #1 for latest version :slight_smile:


wow awesome T!


very impressive tool , thanks for sharing it
one request … A minimize Button


Done :slight_smile:

Download from link in post #1.


This looks amazing, DAMN I wish I was at home right now so I could play with this.




Interesting work you have here, the detail is amazing. Will be tuned into to see this as you develop it.

I tagged your work in the news section of my site!


Thanks Continuumx!

A user was getting an error while trying to generate a building with no details, no roof conform and no ledges. That’s fixed now. Link is the same as before, and can be found in post #1 :slight_smile:


WOW! It’s really useful script!

You are on the right way. You’ll meet with all kinds of difficulties, but keep your wicket up and You’ll come through all right!


Great script thanks :slight_smile:


Optimized some of the code…turns out that even if all the windows were set to off, the script would still run through the window-creating function (only superficially though, since it doesn’t end up actually creating any windows)…but this was taking a lot of time because it was creating and then deleting lots of objects. With that part fixed, the script is now 30-60% faster when generating buildings without windows.

Also, during the roof-geo-cleanup sequence there was a bunch of debug stuff being printed to the listener (huge lists of object names) that I forgot to remove for the release. Taking that out now shaves about a half second off sim times when skylights are turned on :). It won’t affect sim time if skylights are off.

Download link is in post #1 as usual.


haha, really neat script, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Some things I think would be useful:

Better object naming, ie per floor, balcony, floors, doors, roof windows ect.

option for one building on its own new layer

inset wall section would be cool

Always could use more Randomization options :smiley:

Out of the couple dozen or so buildings I just built I noticed approx. half had roof top buildings overhanging, especially with long/narrow structure. possibly a scale% option needed?

Best regards,