[Free Plugin] QuickDocs 2


Hi community, I have another free plugin for you! Since the previous version of my QuickDocs
plugin was well recieved I decided to create a new version that is much better all in all.

What is it?

QuickDocs is a small workflow tool that displays each opened scene in a list. You can switch between your scenes by clicking on one of the listed items. QuickDocs fits well into the Cinema 4D layout.

Documents can be closed via the right-click context menu or by pressing the Del key when the plugin dialog has the focus. A double-click on an empty area will create a new document.

What’s new?

The new interface is now running without bugs (unlike the previous version). The new system will hide the menu bar after you’ve dropped the plugin in the layout to free the space the menu bar would waste.

How to install?

This YouTube video explains how to use and install the plugin. Important: The plugin is using an external library that needs to be installed. This can be done within a few steps and is explained in the video as well. For detailed information (or alternative installation methods), please see the “For Cinema 4D Users” section on the download-page of the library (below).

[li] Download and install the c4dtools Library (just follow the steps, its really easy)
[/li][li] Download and install the plugin
[/li][li] Like it? Please consider a donation

Available languages are English and German.

Update 2013/04/11: Changed download link to a new version of the plugin (2.0.1). This should fix the error-message in the console on Mac.
Update 2013/09/11: You can always find the newest information about the plugin here: http://niklasrosenstein.de/tag/quickdocs/. There is a download link for R15 as well! You do not have to re-download c4dtools.


Busy week for you Niklas, thanks for the plugins very useful!



Nice one again, thanks!


Thanks Niklas!

It works fine on Mac OS X 10.8.3 Mountain Lion -> but the console shows a error message:

Best regards,


Hi Thomas,

thanks for your response. I don’t own a Mac so I couldn’t test it. Could you please check if the problem still persists? I have adjusted the download link to a new version.

Thanks, to all of you.


Hi Kiklas,

with the new version, the problem is fixed now!

Donation is just out :thumbsup:

Best regards,


I am missing something.
I installed the c4dtools folder in the prefs/osx folder and the quickdocs in the plugin folder but can’t access the plugin.


preferences folder->Python

“shift + c” (and type in QuickDocks) command to acces on mac !

But it shows also in the normal plugin folder.


Got it. Copied the c4dtools-1.2.8 folder to the prefs.
Now its working. Thanks


Nice contribution! :thumbsup:


Stopped working in R15.


… as all protected Python plugins do in R15.


You can find the R15 version at http://niklasrosenstein.de/2013/08/quickdocs-2/

Best regards,


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