Free Plugin: QikiLoft


Hi, just wish to offer a Plugin I made

Its called QikiLoft. It quickly lofts a spline across the Z axis.

Does same thing as:

  1. Creating a Spline
  2. Clone Spline x number of times across Z direction
  3. Add all cloned splines into a Loft Object

Does the above more instantly

You can download it from

Enjoy :)Special thanks to A.v.K. for compiling into a Mac version

Please read the Readme.rtf for usage details


Sorry forgot to say

Its for Cinema 4D Release 8 for Windows

Mac and windows version now available


Mac version please :slight_smile:


Thanks for the plug! This will really make some processes much faster.


Originally posted by JIII
Mac version please :slight_smile:

I don’y have a Mac so I don’t know how to compile it for a Mac :frowning:


If you need a Mac compile, just mail me the complete project folder:


very useful…also like the name…thanks for giving it away always good to see…much appreciated.
:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


Groovy… So, you really got a taste for plugin coding now, eh? This sounds like a useful gadget sometimes, I’ll download tonight!

I have a suggestion, if you don’t mind, and if you need an idea to play with for your next project… A plugin called ‘MakeSquare’ which makes selected quads perfectly square. The algorithm would simply grab the faces, calculate the average edge length (AEL), assign that length to all four edges and then line them up by making sure the two ‘virtual’ diagonals have a length = sqrt(AEL^2+AEL^2)…
It could even be weighted with an optional percentage 0.1 - 1.0 used in the calculations to, for example, allow a 50% ‘squarishness’ when applied…

I’d love such a plug (I asked the guys doing plugs for Wings3D once upon a time, but it didn’t catch on there…)

Anyway, mighty kind of you to produce these freebs, Geespot!


Do you use RenderMan complaint renderer James? Just
wonder why you need such plugin :shrug:



No, Bob, no Renderman here… It’s just that a perfect square extrudes to a perfectly square shape, which in turn subdivides (in a HN for instance) to a fairly perfect circle or cylinder.

Let’s say you’re building a character of some sort, and you want to add some warts or something like that, you’d want to select a couple of random polygons and give them a bit of a bevel - then they will subdivide into nice little bumps. But they need to be fairly square first, otherwise you end up with ellipsoid stuff that doesn’t look right.

There are other cases than the above of course, but that’s what I can come up with right now…

I might add that ‘MakeSquare’ would only operate well on non-neighbouring polys.


sounds nice james why don’t you make it :wink:

Of course I have no clue how to code so it might be harder than just making the little algo thingy like you just showed us.


I just don’t have the energy to learn yet another coding environment.

I’ve done your general C++, Java stuff, Python scripting in Blender, shader programming in VirtuaLight… You name it. I’m sick of it right now… :smiley:

And, algos aside, it’s always trickier than it looks on the surface…


Mac version now available, see top post for link.

Although I cannot try this because I only have a windows machine. I have been told it does work for Mac



thanks Arndt and geespot I will play with this right away


collaboration thats what this forums about…i love it!!
well done Geespot & A.v.K.

:arteest: :arteest: :arteest:


I just gave it a quick run here under C4D V8.2 and it works fine. Let me know if someone has problems with it on a mac.


after install, i don’t find it in plugin menu in c4d 8.1
only works with c4d 8.2 ?


Windows or Mac?

make sure you have the following directory structure:

MAXON/Cinema_4d_r8/plugins/QikiLoft/[files go in here]

Also, are there any errors in your console?

and finally, I cant see why it wouldn’t work with 8.1, I never tried it with it.

Download 8.2, its worth a update anyway


If have compiled it for 8.2 on a Mac as this was a free update and everyone could get it from Maxons homepage. Any problems here?


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