[Free Plugin] PV Render Queue


Ever wished the Batch Render would render in the Picture Viewier? Here’s a little tool for ya:

PV Render Queue is a simple yet powerful tool to render multiple Cinema 4D scenes in
the Picture Viewer. See the YouTube video for demonstration, download from dropbox!

Have fun.

Download PV Render Queue from Dropbox
Watch the How To Use on YouTube

R13+ only

You like the plugin? A small donation would be very appreciated!


Great job Niklas,
you just made a lot of people very happy!


yes indeed a great job, thanks, this helps a lot !
i gonna test this baby tonight


Congratulations Niklas!
Please keep up the good work.


Thanks for this, Niklas!


Thanks Niklas, a real time-saver!

And I’m wondering if it was so “easy” to do this little plugin… so why Maxon doesn’t react in time to satisfy the users’ demand for this once-in-the-box and now lost feature…instead of just watching the tons of messages complaining and discussing about this issue.
Oh yeah, I forgot that it was on the end of the wish-list… what a shame…

Thanks Niklas again, donation will go soon…


YAY! finally :bounce: thank you


Thanks for this --do you happen to have a site with other plugins for sale?


Thanks for all your positive feedback!

@Joel: Not yet, but soon after I’ve written my university-entrance diploma! There are a bunch of cool plugins awaiting you! :slight_smile:


Thank you NiklasR

No more blind-render-roulette on our big high res stills.
Now we can check on our over night renders remotely using TeamViewer to ensure everything is OK for the deadline.

Donation Made. With Thanks.


Encrypted python file.:sad:

I have nothing against people wanting to make money for their plugins. But the source code for this would probably answer a couple of questions I’m currently having.



Hi Scott,

I always share my knowledge, for example, in the PluginCafe, so don’t hesitate to ask about some implementation details. I’m also sharing a whole lot of code with the community (eg. see my github profile) and I’ve written many open source scripts and plugins released to the public domain. But at some point, one wants to keep things ones own little secret. :slight_smile:


Edit: Thank you very much for your donation, lewisrowe! Really appreciated!


OK. Thanks.
But this probably isn’t the proper place to ask my questions.

Q1.) What type of GUI are you using?
It looks like a tree gui. But I was under the impression the tree gui wasn’t ported to python yet.

Q2.) I assume you’re using threads to render the scenes?
I’m able to render to a thread. But I’m having some trouble with getting the image to show up in the image viewer while it’s rendering. And stopping the thread properly.

I’m not really interested in batch rendering multiple scenes.
I’m just trying to render to the image viewer while still working on the scene. And having some trouble getting the threading code working correctly.



It would probably better to create a thread in the Plugincafe and link it here, so the plugincaféer’s can find it. :slight_smile: Anyway, here’s what you want to know:

A1.) *** As a betatester, I have access to a not-yet public part of the API. I am not allowed to give any detailed information. This is one of the reasons why the plugin is encrypted.

A2.) I tried to do so. But the RenderDocument() has a bug that it does not accept a C4DThread object which is usually used to check if rendering should be stopped. Although the picture was rendering threaded in the Picture Viewer from my Code, it was no more possible to stop the render-process (as a user) which is a no-go for this plugin. I decided to use the dirty workaround of loading the scene into Cinema, using the CallCommand and then killing the loaded document again.



I’d really like to use the tree gui with python. I use it often in C++ and miss not being able to use it in python.
I hope Maxon publishes the code for the rest of us non-beta testers soon.

Thanks for the information.


Well done! :buttrock:


thanks a lot Niklas!!!




This only shows how pathetic is from maxon not implementing such a thing for users requests. As if it would be a very difficult thing to do…

Thanks Niklas:)


First of all, you’re welcome!

Second, and most important, WHY does every other thread, including this one that shows how helpful this community is, has to have at least a negative comment about Maxon?
I don’t get it. Both Niklas and I are Maxon beta testers, and you have no idea if Maxon had any involvement in the creation of this little helper plugin. Not saying that they did, or that they didn’t, but you don’t know that.
Maxon, or any company for that matter, can’t always cater to all users requests. That’s when the plugin developers and community comes in. In the end, without the development (by Maxon) of tools like Python, this plugin and many others wouldn’t be possible.

Please, I beg you not to pollute this forum with unnecessary negative comments. It’s ONLY the POSITIVE attitudes of people that make these things possible and free for all.

Thank you.


i started already a job with this plugin, it’s rendering in the background now :wip:
it works, it does what i need, no more no less, it works with vray and on mac !

i’m happy, thanks Niklas :thumbsup:

@ noseman, i agree with what you’re saying, i only have one remark :
i totally had the feeling (here, on other forums and in my dealings with maxon)
that not many people really understood why & what i asked
Maybe this was my own fault (bad communication, to much assuming people know what i talked about ?),
it was you (and dann) who pushed it and asked “why is this useful”, thank you for making that effort !