[Free Plugin] aaOcean Suite for C4D


Great plugin. Many thanks.


great - thats good news Niklas! thanks a lot:)


This looks pretty cool as a means of quickly creating the look of an ocean surface. [edit - nevermind I found it… derp]
Agree with one of the commentors, any type of simple documentation would be cool if it’s practical.


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


Works really well, thanks very much!


That’s very nice , thanks you !*:wavey:


This is really great!

How is everyone using this? The deformer is pretty straightforward and the shader works great in a displacement channel. Looking at the different colours in the shader I thought maybe it is designed to go work as a normal shader, but got some very weird looking results.*


Lovely, is there a way to pass this through to Octane?


The plugin or the standalone renderer? It exports as an Alembic file just fine, and the plugin renders it the same as any native geometry.


You can use this in octane, just stick it in a displacement shader. You might need to put it in a C4D layer shader and use coloriser to make it greyscale.


Thank Niklas for taking the time. This looks like fun…

I’ll test it when time permits.


Thanks for the positive response!

@Blinny There’s not much documentation by Akram either, unfortunately. Tbh, some of the parameters I don’t even know what they’re doing either (eg. “Ocean Scale” seems to do nothing). The port is pretty much only and interface around around the orginal code.

So, if you have any ideas to make it more comfortable to use or feature requests, let me know. :slight_smile:

@blunter As far as I know, the Octane plugin bakes C4D shaders in UV space and then renders them as a texture.
Since this is also a UV space shader, it should work perfectly fine.


Well I’ve been playing with it, and getting anything useable from the foam has proven almost impossible. I’ve had to crank up the resolution to crazy values and clip the result. I *finally got it looking good, then during the animation it just went all over the place. Ho hum.



I took some time and played a little bit:

Calm Sea 1

Calm Sea 2

Stormy Sea 1

Stormy Sea 2

I used Octane here and altered the water shader from Kevin Gautraud (https://vimeo.com/97123467) for my needs.

What I can say for now is: its a play between “Ocean Scale”, “Velocity” and “Wave Hight”.
Also, if you alter the Wind parameters, the waves changes as well.
Its quite tricky !
The parameters “Ocean Depth” and “Surface Tension” seem not to be working on my Mac…

Here’s the Octane project (r18) (new link):*Download

Have fun :slight_smile:

P.S.: I actually got a little sea sick by modifying the project :wink:

I forgot to mention, that I found it extremely difficult to get use of the shader. Nor the bump or the foam worked for me…


Great work Niklas! Looks really good.


Thanks for Sharing Serge. Nice renders!
You run Octane on a Mac with an NVIDIA GPU I presume?



Must… figure this out… MUST.*

Serge’s renders have inspired me.


@serge-m Awesome! Can I use these renders and the scene on the aaOcean page and GitHub repository to show them off (with your name under it)? :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:
Yes, GtX 980 4GB.


Na klar. Mach :slight_smile: