Free photoshop dirt/grime brushes for download



I put together a collection of different grime/dirt brushes for photoshop. I use these brushes in almost every project I ever do, they are great to paint dirt/scratches etc. If you want to make the edges of your text a little bit worn, no problem, just create a mask and start painting with these brushes in it. If you have Photoshop 7 be sure to try the “shape dynamics” when using these brushes, its great to paint scratches etc with.

I made them in photoshop 7, but hopefully they should load on older versions too.
Download it here
here is a sample of the brushes:


Thanks, I can always use more brush selections. Right now my favorites are using japanese Kanji characters.




Originally posted by dmcgrath
Thanks, I can always use more brush selections. Right now my favorites are using japanese Kanji characters.

oooh, can u send me some of those brushes?!?!? =DDDD


Excellent brushes wurp, very very nice.

Thanks for sharing these with us. They may actually come in handy for the newest tute section i’m creating – to do with making 3D interface elements.
These could be handy in the “texturing” section. :wink:

Thanks again. :bounce:


ok I’ve just tested them and they don’t work in Photoshop 6 =(



They seem to work ok in Photoshop Elements 2


look good has quite a bit of variation and they wont work in old versions of photoshop only 7 and elements (2?) i think , but not shore sorry old users ur stuck with ur old brush’s :stuck_out_tongue: but that was the whole point of 7 to get these new features could u ever customise ur brushs b4 ?except for just cahnging size and distorting them


Thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:


Very nice brushes. Everyone can use new brushes!


ok dont yell at me, but i dont have photoshop 7 yet i cant afford to upgrade at the moment, i am using 5.5

is it possible for someone to take these brushes and put a psd file up with a background layer and then on a new layer with nothing but a one click with each brush … that way i could circle slecet the area and “define brush” ? cause it is hard to define the brush like that when it is on a layer with white cause the grey areas wont be selected if i use the magic brush… does this make any sense to anyone? :shrug:

these brushes look great

just a thought that would help out all the non 7 people .


Niko, all you have to do is make a square selection around the greyscale area you want to make a brush out of and use define brush.

It would help if you could get a better picture of Wurp’s brushes, but it isnt necessary. Just make some of your own. Use less brushes, and more creativity. I’ve made tons of brushes in P-shop but I find that I only use theme once or twice, and then forget about them.


ah ok i will try that thanks dmcgrath

yes but it is kind of frustrating always with those circle brushes. :shrug:


Actually I meant taking some of those circle brushes and creating new shapes with them. Some with fuzzy edges, and soem sharper. Then define new brushes that way.

Good luck.


me’sa likes— ohhhh :smiley:

hey man, wonderful, i really like these :slight_smile:
thanks for the work you did on this


:beer: thanks alot they will be used frequently.



doh! they brushes wont load into ps 6. looks as if one might have to upgrade:surprised



i love getting new brush, thanx dude!


try this file

I put together a PSD file with all the brushes in a transparent layer, maybe you can use this and define your own brushes in ps6 or earlier?


:applause: three cheers for wurp ! :scream:

thanks a billion wurp… this will work wonders! * gets busy using new brushes!* :cool:

thanks again :wavey: