Free online Texture data bases


Can you propose any good free online Texture repositories ?

I have found these two :

Are there any similar sites with such quality ?


There’s CG Bookcase,, CC0 Textures, Public Domain Textures, and for models there’s GrabCAD, Scan The World, Free 3D and also Cubebrush for inexpensive assets and materials. Quality might vary, but apart from, which has a subscription for premium stuff, it’s all free.


Yeah… no.

Create a login for Unreal Engine. Use that to login to Quixel and get access to their full catalog of textures for free.

You are no longer searching for textures.

You’re welcome.

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Er… no, yeah, whatever. All our suggestions are totally valid. But thanks anyway.


Archviz artists do not need oversized Unreal Engine installer. No but yes.


And here’s yet another one… Texturebox


A bit of a late reply, but…

There is no overhead with any unnecessary installers. You just need the Unreal login to get free access to the complete Megascan library of textures and assets. Create login online and then use that in either Bridge or Mixer, both of which seem OK in size for what they offer.

I simply assumed that getting free access to 11’600 well organised 8K textures complete with:


and plugins to export meshes to a number of apps, including C4D would be of interest.

I assumed wrong.


What is a Cavity map ? In what C4D material channel should someone assign it ?


My dear friend and fellow enthusiast! Did you enter the two words ‘cavity’ and ‘map’ into a Google search? =)

The MegaScan library isn’t specific to any single Software or render engine. Sometimes you don’t need all the maps. Also, a single texture set might include maps for both a Metalness and Specular workflow and you will just need to download the maps that make sense for you. There are download presets for different workflows.

There are so many variations between renderers and node based workflows that I guess you will need to try to educate yourself as to what you need.

A Cavity/Crevice Map is similar to Ambient Occlusion but perhaps on a smaller scale.

PBR primer from Marmoset.


We have wildly different ideas about what the function of a forum is. And to make it clear that it was in no way intended as a personal attack on demis, I tried to set the appropriate tone in the beginning. I’m pretty sure demis got it right.

Apart from that, what the hell is the second remark about? I invite you to link to a single post where I have told anyone that their choice of equipment is wrong.

I hope you understand that this isn’t really an invitation to a long argument about nothing. But feel free to tell me who you actually are then, so that I know who’s writing.


Here’s another good one that just popped up.


This is a fantastic repository and I hope this continues to develop, but the main issue is it’s 90% post apocalyptic textures and assets. Not everyone is working on zombie projects.


Agree. Materials should fit into archviz renderings.
On the other hand I think Epic is doing fantastic work with Twinmotion that is based on Unreal engine.
Material library is updated in Twinmotion 2020 version.