free molding preset v2


i’ve made an update to my molding preset :

  • 12 new molding profiles
  • ability to create your own custom profile
  • ability to make your molding editable
  • various bug fix
  • user data redesign

vimeo link :
download :



Thank you!


Interesting… Thanks.


Smashing little rig. Works great - thanks very much!


Fantastic! I was just today looking for a good way to make mouldings in c4d, your timing couldn’t be better. Thanks for this.


thank you all for your kind words, hope it will be useful to you. let me know if something doesn’t work as expected.


Nice work lephiphi.
And a great time saver!

Feature Request:

  1. Separate X Y Z scaling for the Molding Profile
  2. Molding Profile offset feature. Would come in handy when I create a spline path from the edge of a wall to use as a custom shape. If I need to move the molding away from the
    wall (Z Direction I think), that would be nice. Also if I need to create a reveal in a doorway, also nice. Right now I can do all of this by adjusting the custom shape spline.
  3. molding controller visibility: The molding controllers don’t seem to respond to the Visible in Editor or Visible in Render stoplights. It seems that I can control visibility and render in the Layer
    Manager for an item called molder. If I have multiple molding controllers in my scene, clicking off the molder item in the Layer Manager turns all the molding controllers off.

None of my requests are real show stoppers and your preset is a great value for the price.
Think about adding a donate button on your page.


thanks artdude for your feedback and support, i will try to make an update in the next few days weeks, unfortunately maybe not soon enough for your needs


Thanks… :+1:




Thank you :slight_smile:


Nice little tool! Thanks!



hi, i’ve finally found some time to update the molding preset with a few handy features :

  • New activate button to switch visibility
  • scale parameter : slider’s step is now 0.1
  • new “z offset” parameter : offset perpendicular to spline
  • “stick to polygon” function : just select polygonal object and polygon selection, the molding will automatically stick to it and adapt its size with a default offset of 30cm.

you can then change offset width and height, rotate it and offset it in Y axis. the only drawback is that it works only with a selection of a single polygon. if it’s a multiple polygon selection, the molding’s
gonna stick to the first one.

as this preset evolved from a little project to something more complex ( at least for me :slight_smile: )and time consuming, i’ve decided to sell this version 10$. you’ll find it on gumroad .v2 is still available and free



Hi Philippe,

can you post a video about the new functions.
I can´t get the new “stick to polygon” to work as it should.

Thanks and best regards,


Hi thomas,
i’ll try to post a video first thing tomorrow.
Process should be as follow :

  • select a polygon and hit V>select>set selection, on a cube for example.
  • fill in the object field With your object
  • drag your polygon selection into the next field

the molding should place itself onto the poly with an offset of 30cm by default which you can change.
Hope it will help before the video :slight_smile:


That´s exactly what I´ve done, but it won´t work :frowning:
I´m on C4D R19.024 mac


hi, you should have received an update of the preset by now. there was an error due to a broken xpresso. i’m really sorry for that. it should work as expected now.
thank you very much for reporting me this bug!



Hi Philippe,

after receiving 3 updated versions (and messages from gumroad) inside a timeframe from 6 min —> I figured out (after loading and testing every version again), that the last version was “really” the right one.
It´s better “you” take time for testing wich version was the right one and ready for release on gumroad, for future times. … and maybe not named all 3 with the same version number. (wich is very confusing when the mails coming every 2 min).

At least, your helpful preset is working fine, now :slight_smile:

Thanks and best regards,


yes i’m so sorry :frowning:
weirdly the preset library did not update correctly, maybe because of the same name.
and i was probably too much in a rush to fix the bug to check every step. first experience with gumroad too.

you’ll see sometimes the molding does not stick with the right rotation, you can easily fix that with a 90° rotation. this is due to the point index order of c4d.
i plan to fix that in a future free update, to put this function out of beta.

also if you want to submit any idea to improve the preset, feel free to do so, i’ll try my best to integrate it.
thanks again!