Free Model! Happy New Year


hi everyone, I modeled this mainly as a template.


obj format
unzip using password: mm

 ps. this is for non-commercial use only. if you use it for personal work please give credit :). thats all!


UPDATE: model is now UV mapped


Thanks Mashru, nice model. Happy New Year to you!


Very very cool - downloaded, thanks! Happy New Year!


Hey mashru, I’ve downloaded it for reference thanks :slight_smile:

Happy new year


this is really kind of you. thank you so much :smiley: happy new year to everyone in cgtalk!


Hi Mashru, thanks for the modell!


thanx for the model but i can able to download u r zip file server error

please check

thanx again


hi, the file is an attachment so its using the cgtalk file server. there should not be any problem downloading it. the problem might be from your side.

anyways, i put a temporary file here:


Great model, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Will be really useful for sculpting practices :thumbsup:


ALL HAIL MASHRU. thanks so much for posting this man. I’m gonna learn so much from it. The mesh is so clean and efficient. It’s so perfect. You don’t understand how much this is going to help me.:love:


Very nice looking model! You might want to include some details in your zip file (like your name and/or website) as a non password protected txt file so that you can get the credit you deserve if anyone was to use it for personal work.

…might be hard for someone to remember where they got this months from now.

Btw, not sure if you work with Nathan Campbell (former coworker and friend) but in case you do, I wanted to tell ya that the game is looking sweet! Happy to see Delise and the gang kick butt! Keep up the great work!


hey Arash, Nathan is a vehicle concept artist here at Kaos. Thanks :slight_smile:

btw, ill add the text file soon, thanks for pointing it out.:thumbsup:


Humble thanks Mashru:thumbsup:… looks like a tight mesh…


Thnx man. Looks great!


v v v nice! thanks 4 sharing! dont think ill use it directly, but its useful for reference.

btw your creases on your knees and elbows look really nice, where did you learn that? also do u have any prob with rigging with that formation?

thanks, dean


Thanks a lot man… the mesh has been a very good study… and yeah a very happy belated new year.


thnx alot dude


thank you mashru, will use it for reference, i am modeling one of my own, but there are things that just give me headaches, hopefully your model will point me in the right direction, thanks again.



ok, time for another update :slight_smile:
i took the head from this model and did a generic female head sculpt in mudbox. its nothing special but it may be useful to beginners as a reference.

the zip file includes mudbox file, and obj files of highest and lowest subd mesh of the head. pass for zip file extraction is mm

alter link:
pass: mm

ENJOY! :bounce:


Great model,thanks your gift