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It still reports “Colorcorrect2.dlm” as missing :thumbsdow

My bad… Forgot to add it to the zip. File’s updated now.


Ah, damn… I’ll recheck the standard matlib. But I think it’s due to a bug in fR. When the matlib is saved it saves fR global settings too. I found this out when loading in the matlib offered on fR’s site. It changed all my globals to some really maxed out settings. I posted a question about this in the forum and they acknowledged the problem. So this might be what’s happening. There ‘SHOULDN’T’ be any final render materials in the standard matlib I posted, but it could be the global settings that’s causing the want for the plugins. Can you go ahead and just load it in and then save it? see if the saved version still calls for the plugins.


I have finalrender, so no problem… i gotta question though. How come when I open any of the files that come with it and use GI I get all this graininess? White, black and coloured, sharp dots in the foreground, not like the graininess in Brazil, thats gotta do with samples. Whats happening to me looks like something totally different.

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You referring to the sploches? If so, increase the RH rays and adaptive quality settings. This will greatly increase analysis and render time exponentially so do it in steps. Generally I render my final’s at 300-500 RH rays and 75-85% adaptive quality. I usually do my drafts at 64 RH rays and 15-25% adaptive quality. Also increasing the min and max samples will help reduce em with the same kind of increase in time.

Dont mean to hijack the topic. If you need more info on this PM me and we can either start a new topic on this or discuss it through PM’s


Colorcorrect2.dlm is a free plugin. Get it from here:


Hi, i’m newbie and i would like to ask: is it possible to convert max materials (standart, raytraced and etc.) to finalrender materials ? If it’s possible, so how ?


You know there is a PDF floating around of the finalRender manual. I suggest finding it. But to answer your question. You can only convert standard materials to finalRender using the fRMaterial utility in the utility tab. To convert a raytraced material I use Blur tools Material Converter to convert it to standard then to finalRender.


i was working in max 4 and 5 i model in 4.2 and render out in 5 and i was trying to make a cool glass material for my gumball machine i was just messin around one night and came up with this but lost the file i was so close to geting it the way i want i mean the colors were looking awsome so i need you guys help to get me back where i was so i can make this look even better here what i had so if there a material out there to simulate the refections and colors that are produced when you have little gumballs in a glass bowl please post it

ps notice the reflections on the the glass case and how they bent the color of the balls by the way the balls have no material on them


EchO, dude, I’m working on it, it will be up shortly. probably tomorrow. Oh, and I’ll have about 5 Mats for this project. Finally got around to putting them together!

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I forgot!!!

So sorry!!!1

I’ll get it this week.


Echo, not to dis’ your work or anything but… The glass needs to be hollow. What I mean is it looks solid like you just made a sphere and put smaller sphere’s inside. this does not work for creating a ‘fishbowl’ type of glass effect. To make it look better try creating another sphere inside the larger one just slightly smaller. then boolean subtract it from the larger to give you the hollow look. Your glass material will look exceptionally better (once it’s recreated I mean).


yea i know that but i need to find out how to make the glass material i was close in my previous picture but lost that file so now i was look for a good glass material or a process that works


In my mat library (see post above for link) I have some pretty decent ones that might work for ya or at least give you a starting spot. If you have finalRender, I suggest using the glass ones made for it since I feel they look better than thier standard material counterparts.


Very nice idea just need some more shaders, if theres a good tutorial on how to make any kind of material I’d sertainly do it. My materials allways come out a bit off. Anyway the brazil materials seem to want some textures that i don’t have :shame:

How about snow and a nice metal one for the blade of a sword?


Excel is taking over my *.map files. Someone posted a zip file with some maps. I wanted to see if I could open them. Extracting the *.map files in WinRAR resulted in a couple shortcuts to Microsoft Excel instead of actual files. This is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen happen in Windows. Any solutions?


Are they actual shortcuts? or files?

Try going to folder options > file types and reassign that extention (.map) to something else.


:surprised: This freaky freaky. Visualboo, I am talking about REAL shortcuts, just with the same name as the *.map files. They have the little arrow and everything. MAP isn’t even on my file type list. Jeezuz! This is weird. I’m adding the extention to the list, but what would you suggest assigning it to? Nothing?

Whoops, my mistake. It’s *.mat
List says “Microsoft Access Table Shortcut”
Who’s the moron that made that up?? delete

Okay. extraction crisis is over. Yay. woo. Thanks boo. :slight_smile: Now the question is how do I open these things up and make my own?



Just open the material editor (m key) and open the material library. On the left side there’s a open button… then find the file.

Hope that helped


ah. cool. neat thread :slight_smile:

a ton of texture resources - (not finished textures for the most part, but source photography) and a few particle flame and smoke matlibs can be found at my site:



And lets not forget about
Awesome texture resource