free material library for all


Sorry, I thought you got helped a while ago. :shrug:

Just open the mat library with the materials you want. Drag all the ones you want to send to the material editor (just for temporary). Clear the matlib and save the shaders that are in your material editor into the new matlib. Save. Email.

If that’s confusing, let me know.


Hrn, another question Boo. Seeming as how most of these mats require a shader or plugin, would you be able to do something about informing us on the next submissions, as to what we need to get the real mat. Becasue from what it looks like half of the mats in the libray at this time require a shader or plug.:stuck_out_tongue:


It should open a small window that tells you what plugs it needs and which ones you don’t have installed.

Probably blur plugins.


Howdy folks and sorry for the delay !
well in fact i’ve searched, and it appears i don’t have the original jpg maps that were used (concrete01.jog, chrome.jpg… well that’s the names, now go figure…) anymore, so i send you the material as standard and ray trace ones (they were brazil test), in the zip files are jpg maps that can be used, well anyone can use any other in fact :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll keep looking as i’ve not found all of them yet but anyway, the construction of the materials is pretty the same, you just need to tweak and swap maps around :cool:
i’ll send new ones as soon as possible !





Does anyone has a car shader??? A nice reflective car shader and chrome?? thnx alot.

I’ll check some shaders that i have.

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how about you spot me 12 chops a month… or… ask your friend for some free space.

Woah, 12 dollars is too much to ask? Heck, you could set up a sign-up fee of a quarter and not have to pay it yourself.

Originally posted by Zlemr
Ive created two materials that i’d like to share, however i dont exactly know how to ‘export’ them 'cause ive never done that before so a little help would be much appreciated…

were they actually so bad? no help at all?

I also don’t know how to save shader/materials. Can you save them individually or must they be saved as a sort of sheet/set?


This is too hell of a cool idea for me to not contribute to. So… I went through my matlib and removed all the specific plugin materials I had so that just the standard ones are (should) be needed. I didn’t clean out the maps as there are just WAY too many and most use the standard maps anyway. If you DO come across a material and the map is not available and you really want it. Just pop me an email and I’ll be more than happy to pass it on to ya. I divided the mat into two libraries. One is the standard and one is for finalRender. The finalRender one has some of the ones that were made available by cebas and quite a few of my own. Mostly glass experiments. I hope some of you have at least some use for at least some of them. If only one of you uses only one of them. Then I at least feel good that I donated these.

Just to make myself very clear… This is basicly my whole matlib including the ones supplied by discreet when you installed max and any others I’ve either found or ripped out of scenes or made by myself from scratch. Anyway…here it is…



I may be a bit late here, but I can convert it to max3 - granted I have to reinstall my max’s again. I have 3 and 4.

But if its not too late, I can dig up my huge library and share :slight_smile:


Bmud: Sorry… I’m not going ot charge anything. It’s for the community by the community… FCBC :wink:

MFreywald: Thanks a lot, I’m checking them out now.

polymath: share them all. I have no plans to start supporting 3 but I can mix those into the 4 and 5 matlibs.

Thanks again guys :beer:

I’m still waiting on Equinoxx for the previous files sent from everybody… hint hint :wink:


I really like these mats, guys, but I think you should warn ppl or at least give direct link about the DLT’s needed for some of these. Especially for the people that are starting out and open the matlib and find all the DLT’s that they’re missing (a couple, in my case)

Carl :beer:


Just to be clear lol, about 75% of the textures I’ve made are in 3, but most of those are from darktree.

I"ve still got to do a clean install, I"ll send a bunch asap.


can i post shaders that i found on the net royalty free that wern’t made by me?


CarlCampbell: well it basically tells you what you need when you load the files. I think (hope) they will figure it out. Most of the stuff is blur plugins.

polymath: Go ahead and send them and I’ll check them out.

alex_m1s1n_user: I don’t see why not. Do they have any copyright info with them?


King: Send everyting your willing to share with the world. Just zip them into render specific files… eg. or something like that.


Ok, thankfully the computers at school use MAX R4.
I thought I’d try these textures on them, and I ran into the missing plugins thing (There’s no additions at all to the default MAX install).

I know others have had the same problem, and so to save you all from having to hunt around for them individually (or stumble across the BlurBeta site), I’ve whipped up a handy dandy, easy to install pack with all of them.

Get it here:

I -only- packed in the plugins that are required for the Visualboo’s Max4 set. For the Max5 set, or any of the other matlibs that people have been posting here there may still be some missing.

Lastly, for MFreywald’s matlibs I still need two plugins that I can’t find anywhere:

Anyone know where I can get them?



hehehe the reason why you can’t find the files you are looking for is because they belong to final render from cebas which is a render engine which you must buy.



Aye, those are final render materials. Which I split my matlib into two matlibs’ one labeled standard and one final render… I did so to help avoid such problems loading just one matlib. This way you can load the standard and if you have fR, you can merge the fR matlib.


It still reports “Colorcorrect2.dlm” as missing :thumbsdow

Carl :beer:


Aye, those are final render materials. Which I split my matlib into two matlibs’ one labeled standard and one final render… I did so to help avoid such problems loading just one matlib. This way you can load the standard and if you have fR, you can merge the fR matlib.

Could someone else without FR check on that? When I try them, both the Standard and the Final Render matlibs want those two files.