free material library for all



A friend of mine is running his own web services, and provides server space for $12/mo & 500mb (for example).

how about you spot me 12 chops a month… or… ask your friend for some free space. :thumbsup:

toddy333: send that sucker…

TheCaptn: sorry dude. I can’t support all versions.


As I read the text file included in the zip with the shader I realize that the shader is 99% complete. It only needs a inlarged bump map texture? I think. But defenitly not much work at all is needed. Anyway, I sent it. Thanks again.


Is there any way I can make them R3 compatible and send them back to you? I’m happy to give it a shot, I just dunno if it’s possible.


Originally posted by TheCaptn
[B]I don’t suppose there’s anything anyone can do for us poor saps who’re gonna be stuck using MAX R3.1 for the next, oh, 50 years or so… :wink:

I tried the Max 4 matlib just in case, but it doesn’t work. I’m just left with an empty map browser.

Thanks anyway… Some of those procedurals are stunning (ice… amazing).
I had no idea you could do so much with them. I’ve always relied on photoshopped maps.

On a side note, anyone know of some good tut’s on making procedurals so I can have a crack at making my own? [/B]

You can try SimbiontMAX (I believe it works with max 3).


I’ve got two that I worked on the first being a variation of neil blevins alien slim… not sure if you guys what this seeing as its not that much different from Neil Blevins version:


the second one I came up with as a result of seeing veiny skin texture on a website ad wanted to make my own with proceedurals, not sure if you want this one… still in need of some work… it requires blur’s electric plugin


Sir Eel: Send’em both.


howdy folks !
just stumbled on this thread, i’ve had some fun with shaders too when i discovered Neil Blevin’s tut too :stuck_out_tongue:
here are a couple shots tell me if those shaders are of any interest (i think they’re all procedural-based - have to check the files, though).



there’s a couple ones …
(sorry don’t know how to attach multiples images in one thread)


another one…


one more …


and a last one for the sake of it : )


Ho my G-d, those are the funkiest ever !!! send them to Visualboo quick i want to play !!


hehe… those look interesting.

Please send to


Lovely, the last few mats are looking amazing I really wonder how you did them. Cant wait for them to be added!


howdy ! thanks and sorry for the delay, i have to look for them in my old files :rolleyes:
but it’s coming !
if i remember well it’s a mix of procedurals maps, falloffs and probably a base bitmap… i’m quite sure that they all came from Neil’s tutorial, derived and tweaked…

as soon as i have them and collect all that’s needed to use them they’ll be in your mail, Visualboo :slight_smile:

(actually now i’d like to find them back to use them too !!)



Okay, okay… I feel dumb. I’ll redo mine with just procedurals instead of those bitmaps I was using.


Hmm, interesting things, when the metirial package will be updated visualboo?


Sorry guys… I’m waiting for Mouj to send his.



Originally posted by Zlemr
Ive created two materials that i’d like to share, however i dont exactly know how to ‘export’ them 'cause ive never done that before so a little help would be much appreciated…

were they actually so bad? no help at all?