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TheAllusionist, I downloaded some wood textures of your site but I don’t know how to use them, I extracted them into the library folder and everything else in the correct place but when I go into Max and try to select the texture to apply it, the texture is blank.

I’ve attached a picture, that is what the textures looks like when I open them in the material viewer, where is the wood texture I downloaded?


First questions would be:

1.) Are you trying to use a Max 2008-2009 material in Max 9?

2.) Are you sure materials are in right locations/paths. Plenty of people slightly misspell a directory name (missing ‘S’, etc.) and have problems, make sure the exact path to your mat files and maps is what is in your saved paths inside of Max.

3.) Are you certain that the mat file you are using isn’t pointing to a directory that doesn’t exist on your computer/network? The problem with having the general public upload content is that you are going to get a lot of variables and that is why we established a creation and naming convention and ask people to use it. We can’t help it if someone uploads materials and the actual “.mat” files point to C:\Documents and Settings\JohnDoe\My Documents\MR_Materials… (for example) You may have to go into your material editor and point the map files to the actual location on your machine and then save the material back to the “.mat” file the first time you use it. From then on it should work, but you need to verify all of these items and anything else I didn’t think of (how is that for a disclaimer?) the first time you use a material and then just save it back to the Mat file or a new one of your choice if you prefer setting up your own consolidated mat files.

On top of that info here is a link to our general FAQ on installing materials:

I hope this helps and you can figure it out, if it is something else and you figure it out, let us know, I don’t know everything and could miss some other reason it isn’t working, but I have limited info from you and limited info in my head (how is that for a disclaimer?). Kidding aside those are the most obvious scenarios that come to mind, start with them and we will go from there.

Good Luck!


Well I’m using these,

They are supported by Max 9, I have a 30 day trial but I don’t think that is a problem.

As for misspelling and misplacing all I did was extracted the file into the my documents/3dsmax folder and they seem to extract them selves into all the correct folder.

As for your 3rd question, I’m quite sure it’s in the correct directory because in Max I can go into the material library, click open and find the material files, it’s just when I open them I get the problem shown on the screenshot above.

I’ll give your installation guide a read and report back tomorrow to let you know if i fixed it.


urmmmm… this is kind of embarrassing. but i cant find the dload link. :stuck_out_tongue:

help me someone!


you could try page 1 post 1…and then click on the links in that post to the rar files


I have assumed that you worked it out since I did not hear back from you, but I thought it might have looked like I left you hanging. Jeff and I do our best to help out, the majority of the time there is a problem it is a pathing issue, second on the list is the wrong version of Max, but I don’t want to just assume that was your problem. Please feel free to let us know if there are legitimate problems so that we may try and fix them.

Additionally, about once a week we have been releasing materials comprised of the full resolution commercial versions of Arroway textures, which they graciously donated. In the end there will be 20 of them. On the front page there is an article that we update every time we add a new one and it has direct links to the ones uploaded already. You will need to download the ‘texture set’ and then the appropriate material file (max, maya, xsi) for your application.

Hope the new year is a great one for everyone! Hope to see your contributions, this whole thread is full of people wanting a dedicated and centralized location and dead links, we hoped to help eliminate that problem, but it will take your help as well.


the .rar link on the first post returns a 404 error for me.
on both firefox2 and IE6.


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Hey for all those criticising the effort of the people, here’s the material library link that works just fine.

Appreciate the effort of those who have made it. Its good.



I have just now joined and have been desperately looking for material libraries as my program has none that I can find. The link listed just above is a reference back to your c: drive so doesn’t work. I appreciate all that has been done and would really appreciate a valid link for the rar file. Really I just want the original mat lib so I can work through my tutorials - that’s how kindergarden I am. Thanks so much.


hi, it is an nice resource. i think it will help me so much in my current project. thank you so much.


Hi All,

In last five years of being a 3D artist, i have a taken so much from the CG Industry, and now its time to give something back.

Thousand of Tutorials are spreaded throughout the internet, and i thought of indexing them at a single Place. So heres the one Place

Keep checking this place because we are targeting to index 1000 tutorials in next 10 Days.

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Have a few I can share as well, have to find… organize… will post again when ready. :wink:


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Hello recommend a site with free 3D models and textures

Sorry for the english translate via GOOGLE


Some pretty nice models!



You have good work on the site in which program render
Cinema 4d?

thank , great site for tutorials…