free material library for all


very nice job? amazing work.


with 25 pages containing several libraries, and hundreds of well deserved fanboy comments, this thread is pointless if the first post is not updated with working links to materials, matlibs, and any required plugins.

having said that… i’d like to thank everyone who has submitted materials. :wink:


Indeed…I dont want to read all 25 pages of this thread. Is there a library? If yes, then Id like to thank the community and kindly ask for a link ;]


I second that


Here’s a selection of material libraries i’ve collected for use with mental ray

material library

hope this helps some peeps, sorry i havn’t got more

Hosting from this page, mail to [color=deepskyblue][/color]
I will keep this page updated.


well, I have some scanline and mental ray materials I would like to share, but how do I upload them?



If the file isnt too large I can host it on my server. E-mail it to


thanks, I’ll prepare the library and send it to you :slight_smile:


This thread sucks. I see I’m not the only one that asks where to find that materials? I’m not going to talk about broken links. Why there is not link or pool at start page to the library, if there is library?


This problem will be solved in septembre. I am starting at the moment an upload and download base for materials. i am working at the moment at the php and layout stuff. I will post it if its finsihed.


thank you dude


It is now September. :slight_smile:


But he didn’t specified what year. :slight_smile:


thx for libs…


[u][color=white]philipbruton wanted me to post this link for you… :slight_smile:


After reading through multi pages I finally get to a download that works and then I can’t extract the Mats because I get a no access message. Is this a cruel joke?


You don’t need to open *.mat at all, just open max material editor and point to the directory which resides the *.mat file. :slight_smile:

Mind hooking us the link that works? Don’t want to weed all those link out again.


i’m nu to the community so iz it possible to send any kind of lib or just created?


nice map pack, very usefull ! can we share it on another location/website ?


very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee