free material library for all


ok thanks a lot…
so the onix_3d material link is brocken… and his shader is very interessant to studdy.
onix… pleeeeeaaaaaaassssssss


Here’s some basic Brazil materials I’ve made:

Download materials



many thanks for sharing, I’ll learn a lot from your file! :smiley:


thanks a ton for the material librarires so far… does anyone know of any other free material libraries anywhere on the internet for just simple textures like wood and grass and whatnot? also any raytrace material libraries?



Please count me in. I have a small library of materials containing around 1000 materials. Would love sharing it with you people. Please do let me know about the stuff.



Thanx Bro…


aatur where can i get materials from you?



:((( yes where i can find the materials?

.eL :sad:


Hi guys,

I don’t mean to be rude or anything. But I’m under the firm impression that it’s more important to discuss porperties and difficulties with shader building just for the simple fact that you’ll be able t recreate it and know why you’re where you are sorta. Please correct me if you think I’m wrong. But I spend an equal amount at painting and figuring out the right texture as I do tweaking the settings of the materials and renderer. I mean sooner or later you must now what to look for? Or am I stupid?:surprised


I’d like to request that this forum be neat and organized like this thread:
Thread i’m talking about
Where all the MATS or resources are neatly filed in the first 2 posts.
I am currently searching for the ones I made and will submit them too :wink:
nice thread.


That’s a great idea Akusan :slight_smile:
I hope your wish will be granted.




birst: great thread!!

but: where can i find all these great^n mats and -libs?? the website doesn’t work.

so: where to fin them??

:: sic00rn


it is a shame virtualboo couldn’t keep up with the pace
i was well shocked to see when he started this thread due to a great responsibility
it was sad to see how it ended
people got tired of slow updates, complains, shouts and swears even
the pure idea was good cuz of the keyword “share”
but it lacked a keyword “open source” to back it up
it was a shame really.

is there an online material library for 3dsmax community?
if not how about a discussion about creating one?
i am more than willing to donate my own matlib’s and skills


hi. recently, i’ve been experimenting with self-illuminating materials on planes in order to acheive studio-like are lights. my most recent experiments have led me to colored planes, based on’s products. I devloped a matlib with 11 different schemes using only standard 3ds max materials. I tested with the glow (lume) MR shader, but the Output standard shader gave out much better results. without further addo, i give you the library and a test render. from left to right:

deep blue, yellow, green, red. orange, cool tones no1, warm tones, generic white, cool tones no2, generic studio background, and on top of all of it, generic studio projector.


im searching for good Vray carpaint shaders, so if anyone has something im very thankful if you post it here.

Is not hosting the plugins anymore ? I new I should have backed those up

anyone know where else i can get them from … Max 7


@Masterpiece : been asked multiple times hehehe still has them all



I found the Virtualboo mat’s on another site. Although, numerous of the shaders do require other plug-ins in-order for the shader to work correctly, so some tweaking will be required. Also, most of these where created with Max 5. Hope this helps.



I really like that material “” but none of the links work anymore :frowning:


If you guys need any hosting space for the materials, I can probably arrange something with (great download speeds btw).