free material library for all


Maps are the individual pieces that make up a shader. You may have different maps (or not) for attributes such as Bump, Specular, Glossines, Transparency, Opacity, Diffuse, etc… Maps that you say to be in posession of are, supossably image maps (jpeg, bmp, tga, …) also referred to as “textures”.

If you can pack some nice hi-res textures into a zip for everyone, that’d be a great contribution!


just get those plugins from


I have max 5 and HighlightsOnly works fine. If you want send me a pm with your mail and I´ll send my file to you. My HLO version is 1.02 Jan 26 2001 max 4 build.


These seem to be Regular Materials but maybe you would like Final Render Materials : FR Liquids


Okay how do u attach these .Mat files or materials to a object?




Store them in your MAX “matlibs” folder or wherever else you want. Then, open the material editor in MAX and click “Get Material” and the browser will appear. Then click “open” and browse for the .mat file and it will open up containing the various materials within. Double click one to add to your active material slot (then assign it to he desired object) or drag directly onto the object you want it assigned to.


Okay great thanks, I placed Omni’s and skylights, materials are dark. Using Mental ray and the shaders I had gotten from Cgtalk


Your scene needs to be well lit to test materials, just try with a basic 3-point lighting setup to begin with. If you can’t view the materials correctly in the material editor or viewport then you must be missing some of Blur’s plugins. Also, remember that materials prefixed by fr- are to work with the finalrender engine and you’ll need to use that renderer to see them in the material editor (go to options and change from Scanline to FinalRender).


I get a mr_subScatter plugin missing, where can I get that at?
I have it at home, but not for work.
Sorry just delving into Mentalray, and caustics and the whole things.



here for the mental ray shaders .mi files

–> 3dsmax6\mentalray\include\

and here for the mental ray shader .dll files

–> 3dsmax6\mentalray\shaders\

whack em on a disk and place them in the same 3dsmax root folders at work, et voila !

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Phillip beat me to it. Yeah, he’s got it and it seems to have to do with MentalRay, huh? Never would’ve guessed…


I just wanted to find them and work on Mental ray on my lunch. btw, applied a cgtalk glass material and rendered it in mental ray with 2 omni’s, one skylight, and spot and nothing but black…help

new to mental ray and shaders


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I can find only a plastic shader here in this thread. Is there a link to collected matlib now ?


Hallo Mr. Boo :wink:

The link doesn´t work anymore, also on your homepage in the free stuff section there is only your timer. Please post a new link to the file, it would be very nice.

Maybe I am stupid and didn´t find the link ?


there’s a wealth o mr shared files and mat libs here

for the mat lib, download


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If you like this material, download the zip scene form here Max 5.1 scanline


This was an awesome idea, but a lot of these links are broken, which when it comes to something like this is really really annoying.


Hi everyone…

So where can I fing there materials lybraries…
90% of the links on ths thread are brocken…

Is some one make an pachage and where is it ???

thanks a lot …


I think the original files are hosted at