free material library for all


the max file is just a little bit too big…I can’t post it


ooo so where can we find it?


ok I deleted some parts out of the scene and reduced the particle amount so I hope I can upload it now



sorry i can’t contribute yet, i’m way behind the rest of you…

i don’t think i found the location of the contributions but i did get this one matlib for which my question is:

what do i do about missing dll’s when trying to use a matlib i got here?

thanks. ilan



if they’re dino skin and do nothing, i think, they should be available from blur studios/ blur beta as recompiles for v6

Phil b :slight_smile:


i don’t suppose that means i should browse in search for ‘download dll’s’… thier beta site offers five max plugins, thats all…???




this is the link you’re after

they’ll tell you if they’re recompiled for 6 or not

enjoy :slight_smile:

phil b


I used the electric map from blur


i’m starting to get it. the missing dll’s are from plugins i don’t have installed. i found that i needed mr_subscatter and color correct. i got them both but the latter does not seem to have been installed (still a missing message). i still don’t see which one in particular philipbruton is refering me to.

i tried the electric from blur. made a search of .dlt files and found them all to be in \stdplugs so thats where i threw electric.std. just in case, i copied it also to \plugins. upon initializing max, i got two messages saying that each of the dlt’s failed to initialize.

anyway, maybe this very helpfull thread should not be burdened with these novice issues.

thanks very much. ilan.


hello adrihalut,

This should be the link you’re looking for

phil b :thumbsup:


I can’t seem to get the “Highlights Only” plug to work in Max5… does anyone else have this problem?


Thanks Philipbruton. i got color correct from the author’d site but it did not load when i opened max (still many dll’s missing, i wanted to post the messages but i cant get ‘print screen’ (which i’m trying for the first time)) if i have to reboot my computer for cc to install, this explains why it didn’t. i wont reboot because i’m having hardware problems at the moment.

i think i got a good picture of the issues at ahnd. thanks for educating me.



can anzone help me to with the shader…tips for what I have to tweak and whatnot…thanks


sorry to bother, but I can’t seem to find the link to downlaod the collection?


you can find Blur’s maps here

hey brisck1 can you look at my file and help me please…do you need a light in the scene?? and what about the scale???
although I added alot of dark spots in my later version they seem to be gone in the rendering and it looks all yellow or orange,…no darker spots for the smoke and stuff…


Still can’t get HighlightsOnly to work :cry:


ok there’s like 22 pages of text :smiley: can someone give the link where i can download these mat’s? im not so pro on materials myself :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: ok i found one from the 4’th page or smth… anyway i can use all the materials i guess but this error came eevry time i load them:


well it’s a great idea.
i have gotta loads of textures which i wud like to share.
But my texture folder is of 424 mb and i have no idea how u people can get it frm me. so any one have idea how can i upload here so plz let me know.
Good bye for now


hello leho,

these errors are coming up cause you do not have these plugins.

Included in these is the blur lib plugin, which means none of your current blur plugins, if any, will work.

i could give you the links to all these but i aint go the time, try google for them. Most can be found at places like maxunderground/ blur beta etc…

Phil b


Great idea,as i am new to max and 3d is there much difference between shaders and maps?
If not i have about 482MB-1800 of maps that you my have,some are allready in Max but many
arn’t If CG talk want them i will make a copy and send them to you to make avaliable for other
Happy 3ding