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Blur plugs:


Hi, saw this hasnt been updated for a while, so i thought i would post my latest smoke shader.

For more info, and download see here:


Absolutely Brilliant, brisck!!! It’s almost like having AB quality stuff without the AB! Nice Job, Well DONE!


hey cant get it dont work the link


nice work, that s nice, i usually use after burn for reallt nice explosions, but for smoke i think i will try yours

good job :stuck_out_tongue:


Working link :slight_smile:


P.s. something that is not mentioned in the Readme.doc is that the material currently hass issues with scale. I recommend you build you scene to a similar scale to the included sample file.



when will your new version be out??
looking forward to it


Can anyone please post/repost some car paint shaders ?
All the links I tried here were dead


hello spud,

the shaders you’re after are available here

they’re in the file called “” whcih contains a .mat file

philip bruton


ok thanx;)


Is there any way you can make Rob’s Smoke shader be based on particle age…I mean that at the end there is only smoke not smoke and fire like the way afterburn do it???

and what kind of settings do you ajust to get a better result…I was playing around with it lot in the past but I didn’t really got any better result … it was all worse…
but anyway awesome work brisck1


simply copy the ‘Flame’ (filter) map into an empty slot in your mat editor, then put a particle age map into the filter slot and then in the first partice age slot, copy the flame map you copied earlier. For the last 2 slots you can either add more copies of the flame map making it darker as the flames die out, or just put a dark grey and then black :wink:


hey awesome brisck1…I will try that out
How did you do your flames in the image above…did you tweak some parameters or did you used the default??
thanks alot
your shader is great


yes its all at defaults, If you open up the max file that comes in the zip, turn off specular mapping (should have left this out), and turn on flameFX you should see a similar image when rendered


cool thanks brisck1…
I tried that one with a particle age and it seemed to be ok for the beginning…thanks for that tip…
when will your next version be released


Originally posted by visualboo
[B]Yes, but if it requires anything besides just max, then if you don’t mind… just write a small txt file saying the required plugs/scripts and put that in the zip.

I’m also thinking it could be cool to separate these into categories like>

Brazil shaders
Vray shaders
Max shaders

and then maybe under those have sub-categories for things like metal, wood, etc…

what do you guys think? [/B]

have you found any good brazil shaders yet? cause im looking for some also :bounce:


brisck1 I don’t really get it to look like yours in the pic and then I did one with a particle age map but that doesn’t come out very good as well…I think I will post a pic of that I have came up to


ok post the pic and the max file and i’ll have a look at it


ok here is a pic I made with the particle age map with some adjustments